E05 RUN: The only choice

Abraham collapses and gets lost in the ghost times. The only question muddling in his head was, Why was he asked to plant that idea in Varun’s mind. He was beginning to realize, it was not completely safe to trust on the commands, there should be some way to negotiate with those commands, he thought. Several thoughts were emerging but none of them were able to shape the answer to his questions. He then decided to pour complete efforts to find what did Varun do to fall into this trap, getting to the origin would lead to simplify the case. With the thought to decode Varun’s story, he started to walk down the road having no clue about his progression. One of the passersby stopped him and asked if he was in a trouble, as he looked so deserted and broken. Abraham continued walking till he reached the vehicle, in which he had left Varun. He opened the door to find Varun still unconscious. He started searching his clothes to find some identity or a clue. He found a locket which had the alphabets S & V carved on it. He presumed V for Varun and S for… maybe the whole idea thing is due to this S. Clueless Abraham finally had a direction to head towards. He silently looked at Varun and made a promise that may what come, he’ll get both of ’em out of this. He kept staring at the peaceful face that Varun was wearing, imagining, in the course of life to achieve something which we haven’t yet figured out, we forget to maintain peace. We all are in a rush to reach somewhere, it is only after reaching somewhere we realize that it really wasn’t worth it. We all run as if it is the only choice out there.


Varun was waiting for the phone call for the offer which the stranger was about to make. His mind was muddling in the thoughts of Saarika. The cellphone beeped with a message, Hope you have seen the video and now have realized your fault as well, I am now going to make an offer which would help you to erase your sins. The offer will not include any kind of threat or illicit activity, it’d only be a task which you’ve got to complete it skillfully. Post the completion of which you will be free, but, if you fail, you will be eliminated. You will have to trust me Varun, I won’t harm you and won’t let anyone else harm you too. If you are ready to take the offer, please open the contacts and text Vinay this message. After sending it, go wait in the car that is parked adjacent to the shop next to your house, the next set of instructions will follow.

Message: This is your last task and after this, you are free to go, you just have to apologize to a girl that you will be meeting at Shivar Chowk, something very terrible has happened to her and she thinks you are the reason for the trouble caused. So, you will have to listen to what she got to say and once she is done, you can go explain her your part of the story, be careful, don’t interrupt her, let her finish first. You will have your time to explain your part of the story. Vinay, you have been really obedient in following the instructions, let me assure you, the completion of this task will take you to the place which you have been longing for. So, wishing you best luck for your final task to freedom.

Varun walks past the shop and confirms the vehicle number and gets inside it and finds a location marked on the map as the destination, by the time he tries registering the address a girl enters the car and introduces herself as Shreya. She requests Varun to get the car moving saying she is aware of the direction to the place. Soon they reach the place and Varun reads the name of the road, Shivar Chowk. He quickly turns back and inquires Shreya if she was meeting Vinay? Shreya with a frown on her face nods her head and pulls her umbrella out and steps out of the car. Varun pulls the car out of her sight but parks under a shelter from where he could watch the happenings. He feels something vibrating in his pocket, sliding his hand inside the pocket he receives the call, the voice says, Hi Varun, now please plug in your earphones and I’d like you to listen to what’s happening there. Varun quickly plugs in the phones, Shreya sobbed out, I could never imagine, out of everybody you could do this to me. Little did I know about your intentions, I could have saved myself from this. But, how could I have imagined something like this, you boy, you are an excellent artist, who-else then you could make hurt seem so sweet. The guy with a horror-struck face started sobbing and apologizing, I really don’t know what such wrong has happened with you, but, I guess you have mistaken me for someone else, I am Vinay. I don’t even know you, but, I know something very terrible has happened to you. Shreya cuts him and yells, how dare you talk back to me, after all that you did to me, how do you even dare to face me. I have come here to hand over you the last thing that belonged to you, with this we are done forever. The voice returns, So, Varun you must have heard it all, now let me tell you something interesting, that girl Shreya is scripted, she was scripted to say the words which Saarika wanted to convey you. She was such an innocent soul. Varun the girl Shreya has been bugged with the ideas of Saarika, so, the girl walking back towards the car is Saarika and you have got 30 minutes to be with her, I don’t know how and what are you gonna do, but these 30 minutes is not going to come back, consider this as the last chance to meet your Saarika. 


Shreya enters in the car, Varun looks at her horror-struck face, he asks her if she is okay, but Shreya continues reading the paper that she is holding. Varun drives the car silently and passes the place where Vinay has met with an accident and glances at the crowd that has gathered around the victim. Varun remains unaware of the accident and keeps driving with the thoughts in his mind about Saarika and the ways how he could apologize Saarika for being so rude. He pulls the car near a park and gets off the vehicle and makes a note of the time remaining. He opens the back door and gets himself seated next to Shreya. Shreya with a puzzled look inquires why did we stop here and who are you? Varun takes a deep breath and looks deep into her eyes and tries explaining his best to make her understand how sorry does he feel about hurting his friend but all to his vain, Shreya turns out to be an adamant girl who fails to fathom him. Shreya starts to feel uncomfortable because of Varun’s constant episode of glancing the watch, she senses danger and turns her back and usher herself out of the car, but, Varun holds her by her arm. Shreya loses her cool and punches him and sprang out of the car. Varun checks the time, last 7 minutes left and she is already going away again. He takes a deep breath and speaks up, Saarika this is the exact place where 2 years ago we encountered that fateful night. The place where we both lost the battle, I now know what those scoundrels did to you and how much you retaliated.  I am sorry that I could never realize… before Varun could speak further, Shreya continued his sentence … how much I loved you, how I always had your back in your needful times and how you always took this act of mine for granted. Yes Varun, I know you, Saarika was your latchmate and my cousin or say I was her empathy friend, Shreya continued, you always used to be the topic of her conversation. Except you Varun, everyone else could see her love for you, except you. Varun breaks down into tears and pleads for being guilty. Shreya realizes his pain and consoles him. Varun shows the video of that fateful night where Saarika was molested and abused physically. Shreya could not believe her eyes, she rushes out of the car and pukes. Varun tries to comfort her, but, she gets more restless and blurted out, Vinay is the rapist. Varun looked at her in horror, Shreya cried again, the guy whom I just met is Vinay and he is the rapist. Varun turns the car and pulls back to the spot where the truck rammed into Vinay. Both Shreya and Varun watch the ambulance take away Vinay, the hatred in their eyes was pouring out.

Both Varun & Shreya’s phone beep with a message reading, JUSTICE MADE…



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