Previously in Priceless: Antonia turned her face away and said, It makes me feel sad, sad because you think you are alone. No one is alone, not even your daughter. She has you, even when she can not see you, she again pulled out the chain and continued, it is the same with him, he is … Continue reading PRICELESS : E02



Sometimes loosing something is the only way to show you how important it was. The room was completely barren except the table and a glass vase with a rose dipped inside the water. My eyes were fixed on the rose, I slowly advanced towards it, a sense of happiness was evolving inside me with my every … Continue reading UNTOLD THOUGHTS: CHAPTER V (FINAL CHAPTER)

Happy and Sad – Besstie getting married!

Sometimes words can never do justice to how you feel. Happens on many occasions. When you just can’t put all our thoughts together, when you want to obsess over something, when you try to find out what and how you are feeling, but never really find out. One such occasion is your best friend’s marriage. … Continue reading Happy and Sad – Besstie getting married!