E05 RUN: The only choice

Abraham collapses and gets lost in the ghost times. The only question muddling in his head was, Why was he asked to plant that idea in Varun's mind. He was beginning to realize, it was not completely safe to trust on the commands, there should be some way to negotiate with those commands, he thought. … Continue reading E05 RUN: The only choice


E04 RUN: The only choice

Varun was waiting for his name to be called up for the assignment partner allotment, finally, his name was called on the 11th number, which meant, anyone who was holding the chit that reads 11 will have to be his assignment partner. He waited patiently for the 11th number candidate to show up. Saarika came ahead giggling … Continue reading E04 RUN: The only choice


She told Antonia that she was boyfriend-ed, she met some guy online and came down to Vegas to spend a weekend with him. The first day was amazing, he then drugged her drink that night, she found herself in the back of the van with a bunch of men. Antonia felt very sorry for her … Continue reading PRICELESS: E03


Previously in Priceless: Antonia turned her face away and said, It makes me feel sad, sad because you think you are alone. No one is alone, not even your daughter. She has you, even when she can not see you, she again pulled out the chain and continued, it is the same with him, he is … Continue reading PRICELESS : E02


We are all on a journey. A road, full of delays, dead ends. With bright and beautiful views and storm clouds and darkness too. It seems somewhere along the way I took a wrong turn which led me somewhere I didn't want to go. Now I am just trying to find my way back, so, … Continue reading PRICELESS


Time of death: 8:02 AM, declared the doctors after an hour of exhaustive efforts. She succumbed to the wounds after fighting for 19 odd hours. The doctor rubbed his hand on my back, consoled me and said, we did everything that we could, but the blood won't stop. He asked me if anybody could do … Continue reading SERENDIPITY: Chapter I


Sometimes loosing something is the only way to show you how important it was. The room was completely barren except the table and a glass vase with a rose dipped inside the water. My eyes were fixed on the rose, I slowly advanced towards it, a sense of happiness was evolving inside me with my every … Continue reading UNTOLD THOUGHTS: CHAPTER V (FINAL CHAPTER)


Your intellect may be confused, but your emotions will never lie to you The letter had many questions in it, and it bugged my mind so much that, I could not wait till I met Sonali and get them all answered. Each time when I saw that letter, the line where she mentioned that she … Continue reading UNTOLD THOUGHTS: CHAPTER IV (Part II)


Entry #55: It was the lunch time, and all the office mates teamed up for the lunch and barter system had begun. Sonali very delicately pushed her tiffin box towards me, and I with equal hesitancy picked one vvvery big spoon of Matar Paneer from her tiffin, and munched down in a minute. Post lunch … Continue reading UNTOLD THOUGHTS:CHAPTER IV (Part I)