Let happiness take over!!

Yet another day is about to get over. Looking back..I find a quite a lot of time has passed. But has it really? Are your wounds healed or have they been replaced by new ones? The funny thing I have realized is that people have literally starting to live in moments…for one moment they are happy and yet another moment they are as sad as their soul left their body. Whenever asked a sad smile comes accompanied by a silly joke or question comes up and is then again followed by a little moment of temporary happiness.

Am I complaining? Not really. Its just that I wonder where are we lost! I happened to be with some kids yesterday at some social event. They were happily enjoying their ice-candy. On the hand, I had a few friends who loved the ice-candy and started eating it hastily to fetch another one before the stock of same would complete. Are we so busy chasing happiness that we actually forget what happiness is? Or is it others’ happiness that we try to find in our lives? For instance, Neeta had very well got off her Ex. But since the day she saw his wedding pictures, she is lost again. On one hand she re-counts every moment that made them a perfect couple and on the other hand she tries to search love/relationship in every other guy she meets. Perhaps  social networking isn’t that good.

So what’s the solution? For tomorrow, yet again we’ll be in the office with new targets and a deadlines clinging over. Is it wrong to be lost or sad? Certainly not.But this should be someday & not everyday.

A Simple solution to this I can find is ‘Trust yourself and trust the time.’ For life isn’t complete without you being with yourself [In our example, Neeta shouldn’t limit happiness to marriage/love/relation. Afterall, there are more angles to life, right? We just need to set it correct! 😉 ] and time has all the powers. ‘Whatever you will give…will eventually come to you’ says the karma theory and honestly I have had my share of experiences with it.

So..let’s try to make a change. Whenever or whatever makes us sad or takes away our smile, we’ll replace it with an added advantage of a situation or the other perks we’ll have over others. For example if your Ex got married, be happy that you wouldn’t have to bear his fashion taste or mid-night snores and not to mention the better options who’ll have in life. You just broke your i-phone, well try to make apple juice out of it 😛 or better still make a silly story as how it broke and gift people around you a healthy laugh instead of crying off over that little piece of metal.

Btw..you guys must have had those stupid little childhood moments that you thought were big but eventually you just remember to laugh it off. For instance, I still remember crying aloud in the class because my teacher scolded me for not wearing a ribbon in my hair. Seriously..I mean how can one cry over that petty reason?! My friends still tease me for the same.

So..to sum up let’s make this one life so large and happy that on our death-bed we can carry a peaceful serene and satisfied smile. Just give it a thought.

On this note, may you all have a happy lifetime. 🙂


19 thoughts on “Let happiness take over!!

    1. Hey.. thank u 🙂
      I haven’t really been at that place but still I guess it won’t ever be easy and this is the best that one can do!

      Please feel free to share ur thoughts/views and reach us anytime at 4wtf.contactus@gmail.com.


  1. Definitely everyone should try it. Thank you for sharing. And you are lucky that you haven’t been at that place and I pray you never be there.☺

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  2. I really really appreciate ur wish. Thank u dear friend 🙂
    But fortunately/unfortunately I’ll be at that place sooner or later. So let’s just pray that i remember this at that point of time. 😛


  3. Haha…it means you want to be at that place. It has its own pleasure but it is hard to think anything at that time. Bcoz mind gets stuck at that time but yeah it will make you more stronger than before. So enjoy it also.😝

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    1. Haha! I guess it does but only with a right partner!😜😝
      The wrong one may end up dividing! 😛


  4. Writers can be expert at giving diplomatic answer.😜

    But tell me one thing, who decides the partner is right or wrong? And how?


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