The Letter Series #002

Dearest 1060,

It  has been ages since we talked last. I hope you are doing good in life. As for me, I am doing great in life. Recently, I have been able to discover new directions to the path of my life and I’m positively happy about it. Yes, still there are times when I miss you badly. You or your version or just the past moments…frankly I don’t know.   
Life has turned out to be a surprise these days! Why? Because I don’t know whether I would be smiling or crying the next moment. Yes stupid! I do cry. You came in like a stranger and walked away making me a stranger to myself. And the funny part is that we were only together for some time but just like an old classic alcohol, I cannot forget your bittersweet taste and hence can’t let go off the hangover so easily! On a good note, this has enabled me to see my weak & vulnerable version to my strongest & determined version. But tell me one thing…weren’t we friends before anything else? You were the one person in my life with whom I had shared my deepest fear to my darkest secret.  Why did our friendship pay the price?

Anyways, I guess you have finally learnt that ‘Girls are always right!’ For I had told you that this would never work out. But you being you…sprinkled the magic. Believe me, I don’t have any regrets. Because, I have learnt a lot through this journey.  I have had my bruises’ and I’m happy with my wounds. May be, time will teach me to live with them. I guess the more together we would be, the more difficult it would be. After all, the horizon is just an imaginary line! Who knows if the earth & sky actually meet? I’m proudly happy to have chosen a man who did the right thing.

But…you know what. Somewhere deep down I am not able to give up the hope! I’ve realised that whenever you a trust a person, you also give him/her the rights to break the trust. As Bob Marley  rightly said, ‘ The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for.’ I am still not able to doubt our feelings; however hard I may try. I don’t know if I ever want or if we ever can have a future together. I just know that you are totally worth the hurt! Can we think about it? I don’t know about you but I seriously miss you a lot. Right from your smile to your voice and to sum up ‘every little thing’ about you. Each song in some way or the other leads up to you.  I often wonder if you ever feel the same about me. Does blocking and unfriending wave away the feelings? If you ask me, I still don’t know where I stand. As I said, I’m happy at times and sad otherwise. I don’t even know if I seek this relationship or not…perhaps I’m like a lost ship in an ocean looking out for directions!

Meanwhile, I hope that this reaches to you. Even if doesn’t or if you choose not to reply…i’ll interpret the silence in my own sweet ways. And yeah…don’t worry if you don’t feel the same way, I’ll gracefully handle myself. Can you ever expect anyone thrown up from a mid-air flight have a safe landing? Well, it’s just a matter of time. Just consider this to be one of my last secret that I’ll ever share with you.  I was never able to say goodbye. Consider this as one. Have you heard the song ‘Maana k hum yaar nahi…’ by Ms. Parineeti Chopra? If not, please do listen.

Thank You for everything 🙂 

Sometime yours,

Now Ex.

This letter is originally is a part of message request received from Ms. Zara (real name not disclosed on request) . If you want any of your untold stories or messages reach out in right words, you may contact us on

What would Mr. 1060 reply? And why doesn’t he carry a name? Stay tuned for the more.


2 thoughts on “The Letter Series #002

  1. What did 1060 reply?


    1. May be he chose not to reply …


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