E02 RUN: The only choice

Previously: The cell phone rang and the voice said. Hi, Varun, that was Charles, he completed his task and is now free with the money he earned with the completion of his tasks. Now it's your turn, you just have to keep this parcel with you safely and walk down the adjacent street to the end. … Continue reading E02 RUN: The only choice


RUN.. The only choice

Person 1: I think we don't have much time, let's not wait for him. I am taking this kid in my van. Person 2: Are you crazy, we got to wait for him,only he knows what should be done with him. Hand me the keys, you are insane. Person 1: Insane, fuck you!! Why can … Continue reading RUN.. The only choice

Expression of Gratitude!!

Dear Readers, It has been a wonderful journey with you and Untold Thoughts. It would have never made me so intrigued to write chapters and chapters on UNTOLD THOUGHTS without your quality response. Your support always acted as an inspiration to take the bar higher every next chapter. Not only you but the team behind 4 … Continue reading Expression of Gratitude!!


Sometimes loosing something is the only way to show you how important it was. The room was completely barren except the table and a glass vase with a rose dipped inside the water. My eyes were fixed on the rose, I slowly advanced towards it, a sense of happiness was evolving inside me with my every … Continue reading UNTOLD THOUGHTS: CHAPTER V (FINAL CHAPTER)


Your intellect may be confused, but your emotions will never lie to you The letter had many questions in it, and it bugged my mind so much that, I could not wait till I met Sonali and get them all answered. Each time when I saw that letter, the line where she mentioned that she … Continue reading UNTOLD THOUGHTS: CHAPTER IV (Part II)


Entry #55: It was the lunch time, and all the office mates teamed up for the lunch and barter system had begun. Sonali very delicately pushed her tiffin box towards me, and I with equal hesitancy picked one vvvery big spoon of Matar Paneer from her tiffin, and munched down in a minute. Post lunch … Continue reading UNTOLD THOUGHTS:CHAPTER IV (Part I)


Faith is the strength by which a shattered world shall emerge into the light. Life seems so scary when such things are happening around you, and you can't open it up before anyone. Its like living every moment in fear, and not letting that fear surface up in another fear that someone else will know … Continue reading UNTOLD THOUGHTS: CHAPTER III


Loving can cost a lot but not loving always costs more, and those who fear to love often find that want of love is an emptiness that robs the joy from life. The events that took place previous night had left its mark somewhere deep inside me. The depth of it made me feel vulnerable … Continue reading UNTOLD THOUGHTS: Chapter II


My mom was calling out for me constantly, I looked back to find nothing, but only her voice. I kept moving forward, and the cry went on growing louder,this time I did not care to look back. I could see him standing a distance apart, it was just this distance that was needed to be … Continue reading UNTOLD THOUGHTS : Chapter 1