At Your Disposal

On one ordinary afternoon, I was at the Bus station waiting for my bus to arrive. The heat was punishing and so was the waiting for the bus. Amidst the exhaustive waiting session finally, the passengers breathed an air of relief with the sight of the Bus that made its way through the rush like … Continue reading At Your Disposal



Previously in Priceless: Antonia turned her face away and said, It makes me feel sad, sad because you think you are alone. No one is alone, not even your daughter. She has you, even when she can not see you, she again pulled out the chain and continued, it is the same with him, he is … Continue reading PRICELESS : E02


We are all on a journey. A road, full of delays, dead ends. With bright and beautiful views and storm clouds and darkness too. It seems somewhere along the way I took a wrong turn which led me somewhere I didn't want to go. Now I am just trying to find my way back, so, … Continue reading PRICELESS


The class had begun and was full in attendance. I had occupied my seat in the middle row. I since the beginning was a person surrounded with the 4 walls of fear. I was the one who used to fill the water bottle and wipe the water droplets carefully to prevent my bag from getting … Continue reading A WALLFLOWER

The Elevator Story (Chapter 1)

  After having a busy day at work, being pretty exhausted I reached my apartment's elevator, pressed the button and waited impatiently for the elevator to descend from the 10th Floor to the Ground Floor. The LED displayed 4th Floor with a downward arrow, and I could smell a Flowerbomb (perfume), and my god she … Continue reading The Elevator Story (Chapter 1)