Do we really have time?

One person who I knew passed away yesterday. Well, what’s special about people dying? Nothing. People die every now and then.

But he was barely 25 years old. I knew him because he used to come to the gym where I worked out. I only knew him as the guy who comes to the guy, never really spoke to him.

He was also my classmate’s boy friend of 4 years. He died out of an cardiac arrest AT 25. And he was healthy. No sickness, no nothing.

I couldn’t wrap my head around it for a long long time. This news seems like a cruel joke. Who would have thought such a young man would die?

His death triggered my memories of my best friend’s accident where he had a skull fracture. What if I would have lost him? There were very slim chances of him surviving. Thankfully, he survived.

I desperately wanted to talk/ message my school friend (his girl friend) and say something. Anything. But what can you say to comfort a girl who just lost her love? What can you say to a parent who lost their son? What could you say? That you were sorry for their loss? Does it seem justified? That he is in a better place? Is he, really? He DIED AT 25.

What can I tell myself? That death is natural. Every person some day, dies.

We have often heard, over and over that ‘the mistake is, we think we have time’. I have heard it a lot of times, I am sure all of us have. We feel inspired for a bit, think that we should tell our loved ones that we love them. But, over time, we forget it.

We take our loved ones for granted. Our egos become bigger than everything else and conflicts often go unresolved. What’s the point?

My best friend could have died. He didn’t. This guy, died in his sleep due to a sudden cardiac arrest. Did anybody forsee it? No. We don’t know when someone will not be there.

We might not even wake up tomorrow. Are we going to lose an opportunity to tell people that we love them? That we completely adore them, without restraints. That they are the reason for your happiness, that he/she is the best friend who means the world to you, that they are reason you smile to yourself sometimes. How often do we acknowledge it? How often do we say it aloud? Sadly, not many times.

We need to express ourselves more often. Tell how you feel. Say it. And it say now. Say it before it’s late. We need to tell people we love them. We need to show love.

One day, you might not wake up or someone else might not. And the world will never be the same ever again.

Time and again, I am reminded in various forms, that, the mistake is, we think we have time. We don’t. We never did.

Let’s be kind, caring and loving when people are alive. Or else, we might end up with regrets some day.

The news of the guy’s death deeply saddened and troubled me today. It will continue to trouble me for a while.

This post is to honour him and his death.

May his soul rest in peace.


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