Diary of a girl trying to adult – Entry 1


29 January, 2018

There a lot of things technology can take over. But writing diaries can’t be replaced. There is something exotic about writing on a piece of paper.

I have always been a fan of writing and fancy stationary. It’s been ages since I wrote a personal diary. I can’t really do it. Even then, till date, I make it a point to own fancy stationary and use it in making greeting cards and scribbling on my diary which I use to write beautiful quotes I have read over time. The diary looks a little worn out, yet, it is something which doesn’t ever go un-noticed. In a world full of bright screens, my withering, semi-yellowish diary stands out. Everyone invariably picks it up and glances over it at least once. Somethings will always be worthwhile. Physical things will always be cherished. 🙂

Few months ago, I received a physical hand written letter from a friend and it is one of my most cherished treasures. To take the efforts to write something and post it, means a lot. Typing things and sending them as a text/ message/ e-mail are some of the easiest things to do. When is the last time you wrote something to someone and posted it to another city, just to surprise the other person? Maybe long time ago.

I realised, we need to write more. Letters, words, alphabets, for that matter anything. Heck, we even stopped scribbling our names on papers these days. Where did the artistic ways of writing and decorating our names on papers disapper and why? Let’s begin. Let’s at least start with decorating our names on papers. Let’s begin with writing alphabets and then later some day turn them into sentences.

This diary is an endeavour to restore the lost art of writing diaries, because me, like plenty others, lost the track to pen down thoughts in papers, to write, to scribble, to tear the papers, to strike out words, to write with paitence when we want the paper to look good and just about most things associated with physical papers. These days I just type things on a laptop/ computer and print them. These things don’t ever come close to writing.

The idea is also because I have never succeeded at writing and keeping up a physical diary simply because I tore apart the pages a few months down the line. At least in a digital word, I don’t have that liberty.

This space will majorly be surrounded with my ramblings and some stupid / thought-provking (rarely) things. It will also at times contain daily highs/ lows and the basics of a life of a very average human. It will be a space to trace down some very ordinary happenings and how every small happening adds up to something big. It will have life in it’s raw essence. Simple, dull, boring and yet, beautiful in it’s own way.

Come have a sneak peak into the mind of a semi-adult person, stuck in a teenager’s world, behaving kiddish and trying her best to adult in this world and sometimes stuck at some random seemingly small mid-life crisis. 🙂


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