Sometimes, I wish you were here.

Although, the hurt is gone. Your memories still remain. I guess it always will.

Thus, sometimes, just sometimes, I wish you were here.

Here to sit and talk endlessly about random things.

To look into my eyes and smile.

To say that I look beautiful, even though I am hugely imperfect.

To laugh at stupid and foolish things I say.

To roam around aimlessly and get lost.

To try new food and savour the many flavours life gives us.

To give me those hugs where everything feels alright.

To bring me to my senses, when I have lost my mind.

To fight on things which don’t matter.

To stay up late into the night and talk about things that do matter.

To listen to me while I rant about my boss and job, because I rarely ever do that with any other.

To listen to how my day went, with patience.

To share my excitement about those small stupid stuff.

To tell me that chocolate isn’t the only flavour out there and that I should eat butterscotch for a change.

To show off about how ‘you are the smartest among us’, while talking absolute non-sense.

To just spend little more time with me as time doesn’t seem to ever be enough when I am with you.

The distance does more than you fathom. Though I never say it, I miss troubling you. You are my confide. I have to tell you about the most important things. Though, we are best friends, I would feel I betrayed you, if I don’t share the happenings in my life with you.


In life, there are a lot of people I am grateful for. You are one among them. I feel immensenly grateful to have you by my side, though not literally. You will be my ‘knight in the shinning armour’ for life.

I miss your laugh and our fights. Your affection and our madness. You are so near yet so far.

images (1).jpeg

I don’t really miss you most times, because we are held up with our busy lives. But when I close my eyes and think, look back on people who care, your name comes up all the time.

And on days like these, when I sit back and think about all that we have been through, is when I miss you the most. Because sometimes, the heart wants what it wants.

We will always be a part of each other, no matter where we stay. For the distance can only pull us away physcially. Mentally and in our hearts, we remain the closest.


There is a lot to say, yet, I will leave it unsaid, for you understand my unsaid words as well.


Loads of love,



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