Are you listening?

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I have been shifted to another cabin at office last week.

Yesterday, my boss was talking with someone who had come to see him. At times, he speaks really loud.

My new cabin and his cabin is separated only by a wall. Therefore, while sitting in my new cabin, I could hear him talk. Though I couldn’t fully understand what he was saying, I heard him. Maybe, if I would have concentrated more on listening to what he was talking, I might have as well understood.

Suddenly, as usual, I realise, most often, when having a conversation, two people might also be separated by an imaginary wall. It doesn’t let the other person understand what one is saying. In order for a conversation to go smoothly, the barriers and imaginary walls have to be broken down.

These walls are often the reason for a message not getting across. You think you told something  clearly, when in reality, the other person didn’t understand it fully. Conversation, is a dance. In order for it to go smoothly, both people must contribute equally to it. Don’t let the wall hinder your communication.

Secondly, strive to listen. Pay attention to what a person is saying. Had I paid a little more attention, I could have understood what he was saying. But then, I would be earsdropping if I did that. In any other conversation, you have to be attentive. Your concentration should be on the person speaking, not elsewhere. Keep your phones/ electronic devices away when talking to a person face to face. Paying attention is an essential virtute.


Then again, what was my boss talking about with the guest? Oh well, who cares. What matters is, what is the person in front of me talking. Also, did I create any barriers/ walls to hinder the conversation and am I paying proper attention to what is being said, is all the matters.

Remember, conversation is like a dance. Go ahead and slay it. Dance like no one is watching. 😉


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