First Anniversary! πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ

What can happen in a year?

Possibly a lot.

When you look back, every day looks the same. Nothing significant happens each day. Nevertheless, something small happens each day. As I have read ‘You put one leg after the other and you have climbed a mountain’.

Starting from crawling, taking those small steps, feeble attempts at walking. Falling down, gripping for support, holding furniture for support and just what not. Eventually, those tiny steps evolve into walking. Step by step though.

This past year, has been similar for us at Four Walls to Freedom. We set out crawling. Not knowing what to do or how to do anything. Not knowing if we would even be able to contribute to this blog while keeping up our hectic jobs. We struggled. Fell. Got back up. Took support. Gripped our writing and possibly learnt to stand without holding anything. We are far from walking effortlessly. But we are here. Trying.

When I look back, this year for our team has been a learning experience. We didn’t have the content. When we had it, we didn’t know how to engage our readers. When we learnt the basics of it, we were busy with our jobs. We brain-stromed a lot ideas. A lot of discussions and ideas emerged. But most of them sank. Never surfaced. A lot of ideas look good on paper, but in reality their implementation can get stuck.

We are still thankful for the journey so far. This year, we started something amature-ish purely because we wanted toΒ  do ‘something’. We got excited about every new follower, comment and like. Later, like every good thing, the enthusiasm just died down. We no longer contributed to this wonderful baby of ours. But then, we never shut it down.

We polished our writing skills. Became little more understanding of the readers minds and the passion for writing grew. We all made mistakes. It was all experimental. So far, we are proud of this journey. Though it could have been better, it has not been bad. We cherish every article written here. It contained a lot of emotions and lot of it was straight from the heart.

The year gone by, has done more for us. We hope to do better work this year. We will hopefully manage to walk by next year end. We will strive to walk effortlessly in the years to come. πŸ™‚

A big and very heartful thank you to all you people, each one of you, who have been supportive to us with our tiny endavour. Those who have appreciated, commented and liked our content, also to those who have rightfully suggested things to improve and been our well-wishers, you are the reason this blog is still alive. Thank you for being a part of our journey and on some levels connecting with our words.

We wish we continue to do our very best and hope to contribute more frequently to this space. Your support and suggestions will go a long way in keeping us motivated.

Yesterday, December 1st, we turned one. This post is in acknowledgement of the same. This was our story and journey for the last year.

Coming back to the initial question – what can a year do? A lot. It helps you build a blog, open your heart to unknown readers and become a better writer with deeper understanding.
As the year is close to an end, we urge you to review the year gone by. To look back on the learnings and happy moments so far. Share your interesting stories of the year gone by with us, in the comments section below.


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