Never lose faith!

Today a shareholder of our company had called me. She asked for the procedure for transferring the shares to her name. I explain the entire procedure to her. Once I complete, she promptly says, “Madam, I had thought that I lost the original share certificates. I was going to apply for a duplicate one. I kept pestering my son to accompany me to the police station, so that we can lodge an FIR (it is a mandatory requirement under the Companies Act, 2013). But my son never came with me. Later I forgot about it. Yesterday while I was cleaning my house, I suddenly found the share certificates”.

She said she had kept it so safely that she eventually forgot where she kept it and was glad that she didn’t apply for duplicate share certificates. She added, thankfully because her son didn’t accompany her, she was now saved from the additional costs, time and efforts she would have spent applying for the duplicate ones. She thanked me for explaining the procedure to her and disconnected the call.

After which, I begin to realise, aren’t we all in some ways, just like that lady? We keep something valuable so locked up that we eventually forget about it. In most cases, that something valuable happens to be our happiness, peace of mind and relaxation. We often forget that what we are looking for, isn’t lost. It is indeed with us, locked somewhere deep down. We just need to search in the right places.


Secondly, when one thing doesn’t seem to be going right, don’t lose faith. Things happen for a reason. God has other and most certainly better plans for you. The lady’s son never accompanying her would have annoyed her at the given time, but now she ended up thanking him. God also, in mysterious ways, puts you through tests and evaluates your patience. Never lose hope/ faith. God is wanting to give you the originals. Don’t settle for the duplicates.

The lady thinks I was very helpful to her, but in hindsight, wasn’t she the helpful one? She gave back more than I did



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