Learn to enjoy the little nothings in life!

A lot of times, we get stuck with our own work and things so much that we fail to notice and appreciate the sweet nothings in life. We begin to take things for granted and at times get lost in own world so much that it takes some time to get back on track. One such incident I would like to narrate:

In my office, there is one person in our Bangalore branch (let’s call him J) who calls me every day to confirm a few things.

So, every time he calls in the morning, he greets me with a ‘good morning’. I also usually answer his call with a nice and warm good morning. Over the point of time, I got used to his good mornings and daily phone calls. I no longer felt the need to be very obligatory with him. He was now a part of my everyday conversations. We would often joke or at times bitch about work. Things were all going smooth.

Just a few days back, I was held up with too much work when J called me. I picked up the phone and just blankly told, yes sir, tell me. I generally wouldn’t start a call with yes sir. I would always exchange pleasantries with him. But, despite me being so blank, he took a pause and in his usual, calm, sweet tone, told me, ‘Good morning, madam’. That one simple act from him actually changed my entire mood.


It made me realise, that no matter what tension he has there on the other side, he always makes it a point to greet me as calmly as possible. It’s not like he wouldn’t be facing any problems there, isn’t it? Yet, he chooses to ignore all of it and greet people with politeness. What I learnt from all this? I learnt – why should I show my frustration on someone else who has nothing to do with it?  I shouldn’t let my work, my stress or my state of mind affect my conversations with someone who isn’t at fault at all. I should stay calm and maintain composure. I should be polite and also never to take someone’s act(s), no matter how small, for granted. Also, always make it a point to greet people. I realised the sweetness of one simple gesture that day. I realised that one small ‘Good morning’ can do wonders.


People everywhere are kind. It’s just that sometimes things can get a little off beat and people might not be that sweet or nice. Give them time and everyone will eventually be a good human. As I heard long time back “wait long enough, and people will surprise and impress you. It might even take years, but people will show you their good side. Just keep waiting.

In case, your life, like mine, gets a little off balance, this could probably remind us of the important things in life. Out of all the things, kindness, politeness and compassion are the most essential. Learn to enjoy the little nothings in life! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Learn to enjoy the little nothings in life!

  1. Learn to enjoy the little nothings in life! 🙂


    1. Thank you so much. 🙂


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