E03 RUN: The only choice


As per the guidelines on the call Abraham quickly planted this idea of the IT professional into the mind of Varun by sharing the sedation pipe that he was using. Since now Varun’s life is the story that Abraham has planted. While Abraham was sharing the sleep with Varun, he saw the sedation time remaining was 2 minutes. Unfortunately, Abraham could not complete sharing the idea into Varun’s mind within 2 minutes. Now he was stuck in the state of limbo into a world of nowhere, while Namit was also stuck in limbo in the world where he could not save Abraham.

Varun woke up from the deep sleep and he heard the doorbell ring, it was a Saturday morning and he found a cell phone and a briefcase kept at his doorstep.



Aarush in utter disbelief kept staring out of the window and the Raghav kept the wheels rolling. In this moment of silence, there were many questions in the minds of both, but, none of them needed answers, the only need of the hour was to keep moving. Sometimes the situations make you see things to which you can do nothing but live in it. Such are the times, where you realize, get preached, get your lessons learned. It was raining cats & dogs outside. The water kept splashing on the glass of the van. The cell phone rang again. The voice said: Guys you’ve been doing great, now listen up. 500 meters ahead is a van, you will evacuate this vehicle and move into that van. Remember only 2 of you will be moving, Varun stays in this vehicle. What happens with Varun will be witnessed by you in the Van that you are going to move into. If you have any doubts, you are allowed to question after you move into that van. Your questions will be answered. I hope everything is clear.  The call gets disconnected. Aarush points his finger towards a white van that is parked alongside the road. Raghav pulls the vehicle near the van, both of them get off the vehicle and start inspecting the van, there is a complete setup done inside the vehicle. A computer screen, where they see themselves. Raghav looks up into the camera and realizes that they still are being watched. Both of them get into the van and look at the screen, the screen powers on and the voice re-appears and is an anonymous illusional face that starts speaking. The voice says, Aarush to take charge of the steering and drive straight down the road, till they cross 2 toll booths. Then they could park the vehicle in the garage there and check to see what happens with Varun. 


The eyes of Raghav & Aarush are glued to the screen lost in disbelief. You know there are times when the brain fails to comply with the sight that eyes are witnessing, the case was similar here. They saw the real footage of Varun’s life where he was fed the idea of the life of an IT professional by Abraham. The whole footage was very disturbing for the 2 souls and as the video ended, the screen went dark and the voice re-appeared, asking, what you just saw is the real story. Varun is not an IT professional but is just the person who we want him to be. An idea can change the complete identity of a person. Now coming back to you Aarush, what do you think about your life? Is your life a planted idea too? Are you ready to watch it here on the screen? Before I let you witness your truth, I want, Raghav to walk out of this van. Raghav as instructed walks out of the van. The screen powers on again as Raghav shuts the door behind him. The video again plays the same footage, but, the camera angles are now focusing on Namit & Abraham. The complete footage where Namit & Abraham were assigned the tasks and they were performing it diligently. The voice asks Aarush, what is the last thing you remember before you got yourself assigned to this task?  Aarush replies, Me & Raghav were heading out for a work and stopped at the restaurant to have a Pizza, but, the Pizza that we were served was rotten, so, we demanded the manager to bring us a fresh Pizza. The voice interrupted him, okay, now try to recall the order that you made. Aarush tries hard but fails to recall the name of the Pizza that they ordered. The voice continues, Don’t try hard Aarush, you will never be able to recall the name, because, we did not plant the name of the Pizza in the idea fed to you. Let us surprise you more, can you get your hands to the dashboard of the van and open that blue box? Aarush opens it and collapses on the seat. There is an identity card of Abraham, but, the photograph in the identity card is of Aarush. Funny thing, an idea can control the identity of a person. The footage in which we saw Abraham planting the idea was none other than Aarush himself. The voice continues, So, Abraham, I hope you’ve realized that Aarush is just a name in the idea that was planted in you. Your real name is Abraham and it’s you who has planted the idea in Varun’s mind. Also now if you see in the video you had a partner, who got stuck in a limbo because he failed to complete the assigned task, so, as you must have already begun to guess it, Namit is Raghav. Abraham quickly boards off the van to look around for Namit, but to his utter surprise, he finds no one out there. Terrified Abraham immediately gets into the vehicle and asks about Namit, looking at the screen. The voice replies, Namit is stuck in Limbo and he only can come back from the limbo when he accomplishes his task of saving you. So, Abraham, life is strange, you only see what is being shown to you, but, you fail to register, there exists a possibility where you could be controlled and be deceived. 


It was raining cats & dogs outside and on the empty street a black sedan came to halt, she spreads her hand out and feels the rain. She steps out opening the umbrella. The people taking shelter under the canvas of the petty shops, can’t take eyes off her. She walks straight to the shop adjacent to the fountain and orders the vehicle to pull away. The sedan obediently pulls back and disappears into the dense rain. Her cell phone rings, she answers the call and the voice commands her, Hi Shreya!! Get ready to meet him. This is going to be the last 30 minutes of your test, I am sure you have figured out, how are you going to spend these last 30 minutes with him. All the best!! The call disconnects and she head towards the guy waiting at the corner of the street under a shelter. Shreya gets the guts up and stops right before of him. With red teary eyes, she looks up at him and sobs. The guy is taken aback by this, Shreya sobbed out, I could never imagine, out of everybody you could do this to me. Little did I know about your intentions, I could have saved myself from this. But, how could I have imagined something like this, you boy, you are an excellent artist, who-else then you could make hurt seem so sweet. The guy with a horror-struck face started sobbing and apologizing, I really don’t know what such wrong has happened with you, but, I guess you have mistaken me for someone else, I am Vinay. I don’t even know you, but, I know something very terrible has happened to you. Shreya cuts him and yells, how dare you talk back to me, after all that you did to me, how do you even dare to face me. I have come here to hand over you the last thing that belonged to you, with this we are done forever. Shreya walks away from the scene and waits at the other side of the road. The cell phone rings, Shreya answers the call and starts crossing the road to get into her sedan, the voice says, That was really a great performance. So now that Vinay was convinced that he was the source of the harm caused to you, your task would have been completed, but, you screwed it up. You shouldn’t have handed him that paper. You acted smart and now you have to pay the price for your smartness. Shreya stops and swallows a big lump, she starts shivering out of uncertainty of what possibly could happen now.

With a screeching sound the truck rams into Vinay who was trying to cross the road and reach Shreya. The paper flys back from his hands to Shreya. She silently picks up the paper and gets into the sedan, while everyone has gathered to see Vinay drenched in a pool of blood. Shreya in the state of shock stares at the letter that reads.


I know this letter is not going to make any sense to you, but, please just read it till the end and try not to react to this at all. So, this letter will be given by me to you after I create a scene before you, in which I would be sobbing and crying my heart out blaming you. The intention is to make you feel guilty and get your name out. I actually am being watched and have been assigned a task and I shouldn’t be failing this task. So, whatever I do, whatever I say before handing this letter to you is just a task and has got nothing to do with you. I just have to get your name and make you feel guilty of something which you haven’t done at all. I hope from the bottom of my heart that you turn out to be a good person who will understand this. Bye.. & by the way my name is Shreya 🙂





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