E02 RUN: The only choice

Previously: The cell phone rang and the voice said. Hi, Varun, that was Charles, he completed his task and is now free with the money he earned with the completion of his tasks. Now it’s your turn, you just have to keep this parcel with you safely and walk down the adjacent street to the end. You’ll find a house, 101-A, you just need to hand the parcel to the first person who opens the door. Before you get the parcel delivered, please walk to the counter and wear the uniform that Charles has submitted. Just for your information, the parcel is nothing but just a freshly baked Pizza…

E 02

Abraham went upstairs to see if they had enough sedatives available, but, the sedatives they had in stock could only last for a couple of hours more. That was bad, as they needed sedatives that could at least last for the complete day. Abraham was about to dial back the number but was cautioned by Namit about the rule that, only the caller can contact them. Abraham thanked Namit for reminding of that fact. Namit said, there must be some way out, the task is subjected to be completed so there has to be some way through. Namit asked Abraham, Do you remember when did we plug ourselves on this sedative? It must be 1 hour back right? Abraham nodded, so, if  I plug you with the sedative now and unplug you exactly in an hour, could you get inside the house and get to the locker? Abraham did not seem sure, so he asked what could happen if he could not make it to the locker within an hour. The cell phone rang and the voice answered the question. If you fail to make it to the locker within an hour, you’d fail the purpose of the task and you know that you will be eliminated if you fail. Tho here if you fail to reach back to the base, I mean, if you fall short of sedative and fail to regain your senses, you could be stuck in the state of Limbo. The only way out from the Limbo would be, getting killed in the Limbo. So, you know it would be wiser if you both enter into this situation simultaneously. The call got disconnected and Namit sat down joining the dots. 10 minutes later Namit spoke up. Look Abraham let me explain the time and its functioning. When we are into the plan, the thing is, one hour, in reality, is going to be half a day in the plan. So with the amount of sedative left with us, we could actually survive one complete day in the plan. This guy has still got half a day with him. There has to be some connection in between our plan and his, let’s see what is it. Very soon both Namit and Abraham get plugged in with the sedatives and are into the plan. As per the plan, Abraham has to enter the house and reach the locker and replace the original set of documents with the one that he was carrying. Once he picks the original docs, he has to immediately get back to the main road and get to the Bakers point and hand over the docs to the owner. Meanwhile, Namit has to walk to the store that is right next to the Bakers point and get to the terrace of the store. On the terrace, there will be a person who will hand him a parcel which needs to be taken to the store and place it in the section which reads New Arrivals.


Abraham walked into the house, while he was looking for the locker, he crossed a family album. He stood there looking at it for some time and was shocked to see the boy in the photograph. He was the same boy who was in the room before they got sedated. Abraham was confused and his mind was in a split, he called Namit and informed about the guy. Now he was searching the locker and trying to understand why was he chosen to replace the documents in this guys home. Both the things were running simultaneously in his mind. As soon as he reached the locker, he got a call from Namit asking him to get out of the house immediately. Abraham resisted saying that he is yet to replace the documents. The call got disconnected. Abraham panicked now, he was unable to take a call in this situation. He rushed to the locker, opened it, replaced the documents and rushed out immediately. He was about to walk through the door, when, he heard someone yelling at him to stop. Abraham did not turn back, but, rushed out and boarded the taxi and asked the driver to drop him at the Bakers point. He quickly dialed Namit’s number and before he could say anything, Namit blurted out Don’t board the cab, I repeat, please don’t board the cab. The call disconnected again. Abraham looked up, and he could see in the front mirror, the driver was none other than the boy from whose house he stole the documents.

Namit walked up the stairs to the terrace and he could see a man standing with a book in his hand. The view was not clear, strangely, the closer he got to the person, the view got dustier. He quickly picked the book and rushed to the store and kept the book into the New Arrivals section. As soon as he came out of the stores he saw the guy who was with them while they got sedated. He could hear that guy speaking to someone on phone saying, to shut the doors of the house, I am on my way there. Seeing this, Namit immediately understood the connection and called up Abraham and asked to leave the house. Due to the poor reception, the call got disconnected. So, Namit immediately left from the place and followed the guy till he reached his home. He saw this guy waiting in a car right outside the house. Namit immediately ran towards the house and yelled to Abraham to stop, but Abraham did not turn back and he boarded the cab. Namit kept following the cab and soon as he heard the gunshot, he stopped. The cab took a wrong turn and rammed into a truck. Namit ran up to the cab and saw both lied dead there.

Abraham woke up to see Namit and the boy still into the plan, they had last 10 minutes remaining before the sedatives finished. The cell phone rang, the voice said, Hi Abraham you were shot by Varun and that is the reason you woke up. Now you have just 10 minutes to read what is there in the document and destroy the document. He read the document, on which was written a life of a normal IT person and how he was an ordinary man. The cell phone rang again, the voice said, you must be quite surprised to read what is written in this, seemed like a story of an ordinary working professional right? So, the important task for you now is, while you were reading this document, which is a life of a regular IT professional, you have a visualized this idea and now you need to plant this idea in Varun’s mind. As per the guidelines on the call Abraham quickly planted this idea of the IT professional into the mind of Varun by sharing the sedation pipe that he was using. Since now Varun’s life is the story that Abraham has planted. While Abraham was sharing the sleep with Varun, he saw the sedation time remaining was 2 minutes. Unfortunately, Abraham could not complete sharing the idea into Varun’s mind within 2 minutes. Now he was stuck in the state of limbo into a world of nowhere, while Namit was also stuck in limbo in the world where he could not save Abraham.

Varun woke up from the deep sleep and he heard the doorbell ring, it was a Saturday morning and he found a cell phone and a briefcase kept at his doorstep.

technology running




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