RUN.. The only choice

Person 1: I think we don’t have much time, let’s not wait for him. I am taking this kid in my van.

Person 2: Are you crazy, we got to wait for him,only he knows what should be done with him. Hand me the keys, you are insane.

Person 1: Insane, fuck you!! Why can you not see this, its a fucking trap you psycho. Do you even know him in person to follow his orders so blindly. He calls you and instructs you to do an activity. He calls this a fucking activity. For Christ’s sake try and understand this trap, we are just getting deeper and deeper in it. Lets just snap out of it.

Person 2: Aarush, can you calm down please. You are panicking, and this is not what is needed. Calm down and get back your senses in place. Don’t you know the consequences that we could face for disobeying him. I know we are into the trap, but snapping out of this is not an option. The option is, lets stick to it, and understand it first. First we need to get this kid into that place.

Both of them got back into their jeep and began driving towards the instructed place. The kid was lying on the backseat. Aarush looked back to the kid and asked Raghav about what was been instructed to him to do with the kid. Raghav took a deep breath and said its a story man, a story which needs to be heard. This kid’s name is Varun. You need to know the story of Varun first to understand what’s going to happen with him next. Aarush got intrigued to know what happened with Varun that led him to this day. Raghav said, its gonna be a long ride till we reach the place, everything is linked man, Varun lying unconscious in the back seat, we driving him to the place and the orders we are following. This is a chain, and we are just a part of this chain, serving our purpose and as soon as the purpose is served we will be set free but if we don’t then we’ll be eliminated. The interesting part here is, eliminating is also a part of the chain. So, now you know Varun is getting eliminated. We being the part of this chain will be eliminating Varun, so, somewhere parallel to us there is a team working on our elimination too. Varun could not serve his purpose, but, the important thing to be understood here is, who operates this chain and how does one become a part of it. Remember few days back when we were sitting in the restaurant and had ordered the Pizza and you found the pizza was stale and we went to meet the manager and he apologised and promised to serve us with the fresh Pizza. He promised to deliver the fresh Pizza at our home. We happily ate the freshly served Pizza at our door steps. If you carefully remember it was Saturday, when we ordered the pizza. What is the next thing you remember after that incident? The phone call right, the anonymous phone call. Check your phone records, the call we received was on Tuesday. What happened from Saturday to Monday? Any idea? That is where and when we became the part of this chain. Check your right elbow. Do you see that red light blinking, that’s our tracker. We are being watched and tracked.

Aarush was gazing with horror, he asked Raghav, how did he know all this. Raghav said, Varun told me all this & to answer your next question in your mind, how did Varun know all this? This is where Varun’s story comes up.

Varun is regular person, who has a job in an IT firm, a person with regular life, nothing special. Everything was pretty normal till that day. The day which he calls as a dooms day. One Saturday morning, he heard the door bell ring. He found a cell phone and a briefcase kept at his doorstep. The cellphone rang and it was an unknown number, he received the call. The voice said, Hi Varun, Good Morning!! Lets not waste the time in understanding who what and how, let me directly come to the point and address you the purpose of this cellphone and the briefcase before your door step. There is a task that you got to do and we think you are ‘the best’ choice we could make here. The task is pretty simple, post the task completion, the briefcase and its belonging is all yours. Let me also educate you about the worth of the briefcase. Its net worth is 5 million rupees. I hope that is a big money for you. Now coming to the task, let me clear you the don’ts of this task first. Never disconnect the call by yourself, never try to disobey the orders, never talk about this to anyone, that being said, we certainly will know when you talk about this to anyone. You can not try to communicate with me, its only me who’d be connecting with you. Now the do’s, you have to go to the central library at 5 PM everyday and you would be getting your task there. There are 5 tasks for 5 days. After completion of each task, you can keep the briefcase containing 1 million rupees, so, 5 days 5 million. In case you fail to complete the task, you will be eliminated. The task will surely be illegal, but, won’t include killing, drugs or kidnapping. Nothing which could raise the eyebrows of the cops will be a part of your task. Now when I say you were the best choice we could make, hope you realize that, you were a subject to us, and we have done our studies. Anything that you have forgotten in and about your life is now on records with us. In a nutshell we now know your past better than you do. The things which you must not be proud of yourself are the points that we’ll trigger in the hour of need. So, now I hope you know the choice that you have with you regarding this and its consequences too. Its 11 AM now, 6 hours for your first task. See you at the central library at 5.

Varun reached the Central Library 10 minutes earlier. He scanned every face in the room and tried to sense any suspicious activity or expression. Exactly at 5 PM the wall clock in the room belled 5 bells. Everyone in the library looked straight at Varun. One person from the adjacent seat went up to a rack and got a book from the shelf and handed him the book and shot back at him, ‘TASK# 01″. He got back to his seat and everyone again got lost into their books again. Varun looked at the person who handed him the book and he gazed back and gave a pleasant smile. There was a page in the book peeping out of the closed book. Varun opened the page to find his first task.

Task 1: If you are reading this, then congratulations for the choice you’ve made and all the best for the completion of this task. This task will fetch you a whooping amount of 1 million rupees, and upon failing of which you’d be eliminated.

There is cafe named the Raasta Cafe, the directions have been given behind this page. You’ll find a person named Charles who works as an attendant in the cafe, he will hand you a parcel. Soon after receiving this parcel you’ll be getting a call from me for the further instructions. Turn the page for the directions.

Varun reaches Raasta cafe and looks out for Charles. The cafe was very crowded, on weekends this is the usual situation. After the library incident, Varun scanned carefully to see if all these people were a team or something, but, nothing like that happened here. Suddenly he heard a gentleman welcoming him very politely into the cafe. Varun read the name printed on the badge, Charles it was. He welcomed him and walked him to a table and asked him what would he like to have today. Varun placed his order and waited for the parcel from Charles. Charles after taking the order disappeared in the crowd and exactly in 15 minutes he came up with the order. Placed it carefully on the table and intentionally dropped the spoon. While lifting up the spoon he slipped the parcel in Varun’s pocket and and said my mistake, thank you. Varun kept looking at him as he disappeared again in the crowd. Charles walked to the counter, removed his uniform and picked up the bag and rushed out of the cafe. The cellphone rang and the voice said. Hi Varun, that was Charles, he completed his task and is now free with the money he earned with the completion of his tasks. Now its you turn, you just have to keep this parcel with you safely and walk down the adjacent street to the end. You’ll find a house, 101-A, you just need to hand the parcel to the first person who opens the door. Before you get the parcel delivered, please walk to the counter and wear the uniform that Charles has submitted. Just for your information, the parcel is nothing but just a freshly baked Pizza…

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