A lot to learn from Kids

We generally teach kids right from their birth about right and wrong, the choices they should make to become better humans and so on, but somewhere down the lane, our lines between the right and wrong begin to blur. One such incident I would like to share.

Once while travelling in a bus (public transport), I was standing, as all the seats were full. At a particular bus stop, a mother and a son climbed on the bus. The boy was sort of mentally challenged, that’s why the mother was standing in close proximity to the boy and was looking after him. Alternatively, there were two young boys standing right next to me, aged probably 5-7 years. They were happily playing and jumping around until this boy came in. On seeing the boy behaving differently from them, the boys oddly fell silent. One of the young boys was constantly looking at that boy, trying to figure out why he was different. I hoped to myself that these playful boys don’t mock the new boy, as the two of them looked like they might say something wrong.

Because of standing in the bus, I began to feel it will be good if I got a seat to sit. And just at the next stop, the bus got a little empty and the seat next to the little boys got empty, I was hugely tempted to go grab the seat. But just then, the little boy who was keenly observing the mentally challenged boy stepped aside, pulled his little friend also aside who was going to sit in the seat and gave the empty seat to the mentally challenged boy. I was so dumbstruck by that simple act, it moved me a lot. And here I was hoping sometime back that the little boy doesn’t trouble him.


What have I as an adult learnt?
1. To be selfless and rational enough to give up your seat when someone else needs it more than you.
2. To not judge the other human. To accept everyone as they are. They are all different. And everyone is special.
3. Small acts of kindness, goes milestones. Be kind. Be humble.
4. Helping hands are always better. Help as much as you can.
5. We teach children about right and wrong, but more often than not, our lines are blurred, it is the children who have clarity most of the times and show us the right path.
Their lives, unlike ours are not defined by someone else, they define their own lives. 🙂

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