Feel the Magic!

There can be a million ways to escape from a lot of things, but one can never escape magic. A lot of people like the idea of magic, but never really believe in it. I believe in magic, just a little bit more than others do. Life has been generous with me and has allowed to me to feel the magic more times than I acknowledge.

I have not escaped a near to death situation in an in-explainable manner, but I met people who have made feel alive much more than I thought was possible. Magic isn’t always – falling off a cliff and surviving. It exists in small, seemingly inconsequential things. Only a child who has been away from his mother will realise the value of mom’s food, or the magical touch of her hand. If mom’s food isn’t magical, then what else is? Despite that, how often do we acknowledge the effort she has put behind it? We don’t really appreciate it at all.


I had once read, “What are some of the most under-rated pleasures”? The answer to it blew my mind; it said “A normal day of getting stuck in the traffic, slogging at work and getting back home, eating dinner and collapsing on the bed. Imagine, if you weren’t stuck in traffic and get hit by a vehicle or you go to work and get fired or getting back and not finding food or not being able to sleep due to insomnia. A normal day is under-rated” just how true is all of this. We take so much of our lives for granted that we fail to appreciate the small things.

Similarly, for me, you don’t have to do extravagant things to make me feel loved. Just a simple ‘you are beautiful’ makes my day. In reality, makes everyone’s day. Nothing beats the fact that someone remembers your favorite ice cream flavor or your favorite colour. Magic lies there, just there, where you fail to notice it.


Go out there and feel the magic – appreciate your life, the normal day, the sluggish work, the not-so-good colleagues and just about everything. Fall in love with the little magic life gives you every day, because the extra-ordinary is hugely over-rated. Live your life in the ordinary and it will in turn make everything beautiful and magical.

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