Make your celebrations count

Recently, I completed one year of work in the organization. I went ahead and celebrated it by giving out sweets to everybody in the office.


While everyone in the office went ahead and congratulated me, one particular colleague of mine asked me ‘what is the occasion’? To which I replied ‘it’s been a year today, since I joined the company’. She let out a sigh and gave me a not-so-good-expression, took the piece of sweet and told ‘as if it is a thing to be celebrated, you are giving out sweets. It is not a matter of pride to be working in this place’. Saying this, she ate her piece of the sweet and continued to do whatever she was doing. Those words hit me hard and I wondered she is indeed right; it is not like we were working for some multi-million dollar company, post which, I wasn’t distributing sweets as enthusiastically as I had begun with. The charm of being in this place and having been worked here didn’t seem very rosy after just one nasty look and comment.


I later returned to my cabin and another colleague of mine, came smiling to me and said, ‘this is not fair, you are just shooing us away with one sweet, you should be giving us a treat for completing one year’. To which I let out a sigh and replayed the entire scene of the other colleague, asking me to not even distribute sweets for it. What came next was something I hadn’t expected. This colleague of mine told me, ‘you shouldn’t think like that. You should think that it’s been a year of you entering this profession, a year of working and accomplishing a few things, a year of learning and doing good work. Why should it matter if someone else thinks you shouldn’t be celebrating it? You should be undoubtedly celebrating it. Celebrate your position, your first year as a proper professional. This year will never come back, there may be plenty of other years and many other bigger companies, but the first year will always remain your first year and thus is special. Now, I want my treat. Where are we going’? 😀

Two things hit me that day. One, people will always try to put negativity into your bundle of happiness. Don’t let their negativity get into you. It was my colleague who didn’t find pride in working with our company, not me. I loved this place; that was why I was celebrating in the first place. My happiness was hindered by just one comment.  We shouldn’t allow that to happen. Second, there will also be people who will always try and uplift you. Surround yourself with more of such people. Also, be one such human. Uplift other people. Be the person to double one’s happiness or help a person to cut down their sorrow. Also, go ahead and celebrate all the little milestones. Life gives you numerous reasons to cherish your existence, go and spread the joy around. One sweet always only brings in sweetness.


One of my friend had met my colleagues over dinner. Once they all left, we both stayed for a while before we said goodbye. I had asked him how he found my colleagues to be. His words were something I will never forget. He told ‘even though you work for a small company, it looks like that small happy family where everyone cares for each other. On the other hand, even though the company I work is big in size, it is one big dysfunctional family, where no one is concerned about one another. You should be happy to be working with these people’.


All I could do was smile at him that time, but deep down, I knew he was right. I loved these people, I loved my working space. I felt blessed, even though it was a no multi-million dollar company or a top notch organization. This is my family, although we may have our arguments and disagreements, end of the day, we were there for each other. It is a family and at the end of the day, that’s what matters and I take pride in my office, my people.

My celebration was indeed valid. Our celebrations are always valid. Don’t let someone else tell you otherwise. Make your celebrations count for they are yous alone! 🙂

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