She told Antonia that she was boyfriend-ed, she met some guy online and came down to Vegas to spend a weekend with him. The first day was amazing, he then drugged her drink that night, she found herself in the back of the van with a bunch of men. Antonia felt very sorry for her and promised her to pray for her. The girl looked at her astonishingly and said Honey, you got a rough couple of days coming up, you should pray for yourself…

E 03

James stayed at a motel, the human inside him asked him to stay over, he could not just take off from the scene where he had risked the life of 2 innocent people. The motel owner Dayle welcomed him into his room and asked him to join for a cup of coffee. He asked James to get rid of that truck and helped him with a bike that he had in spare. James’s cell phone rang and it was his daughter calling. James could not dare to answer the call, Dayle noticed the tension on James’s face and asked him if he was alright. James answered I have one person in this world that I should mean something to, she’s already lost her mom, and right now she’s at home wondering if her dad is gonna show up like he promised, but I am not. I am not gonna make it.Look I should just forget about all this right, this shit doesn’t belong to me. I need to get in this truck and go and grab my arms around my little girl. Dayle replied You need to do what you need to do. Being a father is the most important job in the world, your daughter needs you. He raises the shutter of the parcel truck where the girls used to be shut in and continued all these girls in here, have a father that love them too, so  if you are hearing any voice that’s telling you to stay, that a larger hand play here and you might wanna listen to that voice. James cries back, I am not hearing any magic voice, Dayle. It’s there you’re just not listening, yet. Get that truck off my lot, said Dayle. James went to a nearby restaurant seeing a sheriff pull his car there. He grabbed the seat next to the sheriff and tried to start a conversation with him. The sheriff could realize that there was something that James wanted to spill out, and he asked him if he needed any help. James said, Yeah, there is actually something going on around here, there is this Motel, Motel 12, there is prostitution happening there.  Sheriff jotted down the details given by James and also got his address noted in the case of need to reach him in person and thanked him for providing the substantial information.

Alex offered a drink to Antonia and asked her to taste it. Antonia started feeling restless as Alex started feeling her and kissed her. Antonia pushed him away and asked to stop. Antonia said I am ready to work to pay back every single penny that I owe you, you have my word, but not like this. Alex protested back saying that she was special to him, with all the other girls in this house, he only had Antonia, and he said he was in love with her. Antonia disagreed and said this is not how love looks like, this is not love. Irritated Alex said let me show you how does love look like. He called his assistant to bring Maria in, and he held her by her arms and started unzipping the dress of Maria and licked her neck, Maria stood still in the state of helplessness. Antonia quickly grabbed Alex by his hand and pulled him back and said, I am ready to do whatever you want me to do, this is my choice but Maria stays out of this. Maria does not be a part of anything that I had to do. Alex agreed and asked his assistant to take Maria back to her room and shut the door. Maria stayed back behind that door, and she could here the immense pain that Antonia had to go through.

James reached the Motel 12 in the late evening and called the number on the card that the first motel owner had given him. He described the type of the girl he was looking for to have fun tonight, he was instructed to reach Motel 12 room no. 205 with hard cash. He walks up to the room 205 where the pimp was already waiting for the next customer to show up. The pimp identifies James and asks what did he want, James said he could not forget the girl’s face that he dropped in the morning, he said he was leaving the town tonite, so just wanted to have her in before leaving. The pimp said, she is already hooked up for the other customer, and he could have anyone but her. James strongly insisted that he was ready to pay a big price too for her. The pimp excused himself and called Alex to inform about the money that was being offered. Alex agreed and said she’ll be there. Antonia walked the gallery with the shame in her eyes, she looked absolutely lost. She finally twisted the knob of the door and pushed herself in, and she carefully shut the door behind her and turned back to find James. James said Antonia, what did they do to you? I swear I didn’t know any of this was going to happen. Antonia asked back How are you here? Did you pay to have sex with me? James replied No no, I paid to have you here. I am trying to help. Antonia argued how much am I worth of? You are trying to help me, don’t you think you have helped me enough. How could you just leave us? Did you not see what they were when they bought those girls. James again assured her, I am gonna make this right. I don’t have much time, I have a bike waiting at the back of the motel. We have to leave now, come with me. Anotonia with a shaky voice said My sister, Maria is there with them. I can’t. James assures her that he’ll get her sister back safe, but now they need to leave, but, Antonia does not agree to leave without Maria and says If I leave they’ll hurt her. James requests her If we need to get out of here then you need to trust me. Antonia says that word is broken for you, I’ll not leave, I stay here. James looks deep inside Antonia’s eyes and says I will stay with you, as long as I can and will only leave with you and Maria… 

The pimp knocks the door informing his time is up. James opens the door and whispers worth every penny. As he begins to walk the hallway he finds the cop that he had informed about the prostitution, but, surprisingly he isn’t there to raid but as a customer. The cop walks in the room where Antonia was lying. James could not tolerate this. He dodges the pimp and hit his head to make him unconscious. He knocks the door and bangs in the fire extinguisher on the cop’s head. He again requests Antonia to come with him, but she refuses again due to her sister. James makes a promise he’ll come back for both and fled away from there.

*********PRICELESS EP:04 on 26th May*********


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