Previously in Priceless:

Antonia turned her face away and said, It makes me feel sad, sad because you think you are alone. No one is alone, not even your daughter. She has you, even when she can not see you, she again pulled out the chain and continued, it is the same with him, he is with us. I will pray for you and your daughter. I thanked her and she smiled. The sky was clear and stars were dazzling, they shone so brightly in that dark night and below that dark sky was the glittering city lights. I pulled the truck aside, and we stood out there looking at the beauty of nature. Antonia said I am a daughter who misses her father, and I see a father who misses his daughter…You are a good man James. I said to myself I am trying…


It was one more hour drive to the destination. This journey had one thing in different, I knew who was I carrying in the carriage. I parked the vehicle in the Motel where I was instructed to reach. I could see no one, I walked in the motel and at the reception was an old grumpy man, who kept spitting in a bottle and scribbling something on the register. I went up to him and informed about the truck. He peeped through the window and grunted, What am I supposed to do with that truck? I kept looking at him, but he really wasn’t having any clue about the truck. I took a pardon and walked out of the motel to see two Mercedes parked beside the truck. Out came a guy, neatly dressed, blonde hair, ironed shirt, he was speaking money. I walked till the truck and the rich man stopped me to congratulate for completing the job in time. He asked me if I had any trouble in getting this cargo here, I said, nothing much, just the front of the truck got a bit beaten up. He said, that;s not an issue, hope you haven’t hurt yourself. I however only care about the cargo and not the truck. I said the cargo was absolutely safe. He dropped his glasses and cast a cunning look at me repeating the word Safe in a funnier accent. He pointed towards the broken lock of the cargo, and said, no worries, it’s all fine, you did an excellent job. He pulled up the shutter of the cargo and greeted the 2 Mexican girls in their local language and handed a rose to them. He walked them to his other Mercedes in which there were few local girls already sitting. Those girls did not seem normal, they were high. The rich man once again thanked me and reminded me to collect the gift. The driver of the Merc rolled down the glass and person sitting next to him handed me a packet and said The Gift. I asked the driver, where was he taking the girls to, and against the same person who gave me the gift replied, Not your problem. Stay away. Happy Trails. I could see Antonia through the shades, she looked absolutely calm and relaxed. I was disturbed, I knew something was wrong. My mind was too worked up to understand the basics. I went back to the reception of the motel and asked the semi-bald man if he knew what’s going on out there, but he denied and replied But by the looks of it, it looks like you had a little transaction. You wanna talk about it? My tired mind was taking its toll and I asked him if he had a room for tonight. He said I only rent by the hour and if you are looking for some fun while you’re in town, then you just need to call this number & pushed a card across the counter. I looked at the card and was alarmed to see the logo of the cargo I was carrying on the card, and then it all made sense to me. This was a serious shit, this was human trafficking and I just handed over two innocent girls to the dealer.

I pulled my truck out of this motel and drove straight to another motel, I badly wanted to crash. My mind did not allow me to think straight. I pulled into another motel and asked for a room for tonight. The receptionist asked me what was I hauling, I said nothing. He next asked me to take the truck off his property. I refused and asked him to just let me stay tonite. But he seemed more interested in the carriage of the truck, he asked me, What do you think I’d find if I opened up the back of that truck? I just could not take any more, I just walked out from the motel.


The rich man took them into a house and asked them to feel at home. He asked them if they had boyfriends, both Antonia & Maria denied. He then turned towards his assistant and said You see CJ, this is why we don’t treat these girls like some ordinary piece of dog, They are valuable for us. Now come and ask for a Sorry. He then asked all the girls to get into their rooms and showed Antonia and Maria their new room and asked them to get dressed. One among those girls, walked into Antonia’s room while she was changing and said her she looked pretty. Antonia thanked her and asked why are we bought here, and how did you end up here. Did your family also owe someone here some money? The other girl understood that Antonia was misguided and she did not know the real purpose of she being held here. She told Antonia that she was boyfriend-ed, she met some guy online and came down to Vegas to spend a weekend with him. The first day was amazing, he then drugged her drink that night, she found herself in the back of the van with a bunch of men. Antonia felt very sorry for her and promised her to pray for her. The girl looked at her astonishingly and said Honey, you got a rough couple of days coming up, you should pray for yourself…

******PRICELSS E03, 19th May********* 


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