few thoughts about…RELATIONSHIP

Hey Friends, if you are reading this, then I want you to do this one thing in particular for the next few minutes. I want you to read in between my words, and not judge me all through this article. Just go with my words, and I very brutally wish this to happen, if anybody is able to connect to the string that I am holding, just let me know in the comment section below. The below write-up might or might not make sense to you, but the soul motto of this article is only to put down those chaotic thoughts before you, and if anybody is able to make sense amongst that chaos, you certainly deserve a pat, Well done!!


IT’s OVER, has this ever happened to you? What is the first thing that crosses your mind? I was not able to understand anything at that point of time. I just stood there blank, it was being extremely difficult for me to register that it’s all over. How sometimes you can’t just undo the done, and the ghosts of past keep haunting you with its sweet honey dipped memories. It was not like you read a page of the book and turn to the next one and forget the past completely, you only move to the next page with the first page being the base or the plot builder. Now the interesting thing is that, when you buy a book, you might like few chapters of it, or say few pages, you might read it more than once, but does that stop you from turning to the next page? Just think about it and very similarly try to relate this to your life. When you turn to the next page, it takes some time to get over that powerful impression the last page has left on you, it keeps messing around with your mind, but if you fall for it, you might end up losing the chance to discover the rest of the pages and the story hidden in them. So, you slowly gain the control and start to flip the pages and get focused in the way where it leading you next. You get so focused, that you forget about that page which you could not get over some time ago, and now you have another such page, and this time you do not re-read it. Why?? Why did you not re-read it? Because you still are aware of that first page which you read several times, and now that you have reached the second such page, you are smart enough to not fall for it this time. So, you keep reading on and on and on and cross several such pages and finally reach the end. End? How is this End going to be related to our life?

This End is actually a test, a judgment point, and let ‘s see how we all fail pathetically in this test. After we reach the end of the book, we start to recall those impressions built by some memorable pages and glorify the impressions to make self-believe, It was one of the most enchanting phases of your life. Next you try to find similar such books, which encompasses you with similar such feelings. You try to judge a book by its cover, by its summary, by its reviews, and after all this, you finally get a book which resonates your search string, and soon you start referencing this book with the previous one, and that is where you fail pathetically. Can you just recall the part where you were finding it difficult to get over that page in the last book? What was the lesson you learned after you started flipping the pages past that page? It taught you to move on and focus on the present. The more you try to find the past in your present, the more you will get knocked off. All you need to do is just go with the present and not judge anything on the way the present is leading you to.

In our relationships, we usually fail at this point, after you end one relationship and enter into other relationship, it’s just like the new book or the new page, and if you start referencing this with the last page or book, it can only hurt or annoy you. Let the new relationship pave its own way to the story that it holds for you, and you let yourself discover the sweetness of the path being paved to its ultimate story. There are many ultimate stories out there, and many a time we fail to reach them by ruining it just in the mid-way and call it off by phrasing it, IT’s OVER. So, friends try to stick to the twisty paths of the relationship and wait till it leads you to its Ultimate Story, and if in case the thought of ending it crosses your mind, just think, why did you start or held on for so long in the first place, and if at all this thought puts a smile on your face, then, trust me this is not the time to say IT’s OVER, because the Ultimate story is yet to happen…







4 thoughts on “few thoughts about…RELATIONSHIP

  1. Now I have started to recall your words bro 😛 and yeah they left an impression on my mind. Thank you. ☺

    Liked by 1 person

    1. To answer this, you’ll have to remove your anonymity, so that I understand which Bro understood and recalled my words.. 😛 Please show yourself!!


  2. I got all the answers bro. I just wanted to say Thank you and that I have done. 😜


    1. I am glad you found the answer to your question and hope you are at peace. Happy to help 🙂


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