I was in an absolute hurry and found that I was not carrying enough cash on me to reach the railway station, so I had no other option than visiting an ATM nearby, I looked at my watch and registered I’d only 1 hour to board the train. I immediately rushed to the ATM post that I boarded the bus that was heading towards the railway station. Impatience had already taken over me, as the bus took the turn on the road to station road, I flipped my hand to check the time, 15 minutes to board. In that haste, I quickly rushed towards the exit door and leaped out. Rushed inside the station, boarded the train just in time. I was panting, I took my seat and to quench my thirst I reached my hand into the airbag and was horrified to find the bag missing. In that panic situation I realized, I left the bag on the bus that I’d boarded to the station. FUCK!! All through the journey, I cursed myself half a million times, and just could not excuse my frustration.


3 days later, after I reached home from the office, I saw my bag lying on my bed. I asked my mom about it, she told someone parceled your bag. I quickly opened it and found the watch that I had ordered for my Dad to gift it on his Birthday. Letting out a big sigh!! I unpacked the bag and found a letter tucked in my shirt’s pocket.

I know you must have panicked a lot after realizing that you forgot your bag on the bus, and must have least considered to find it back. Now if you are reading this letter that means you’ve got the bag and must be happy and equally curious about how did it reach back to you. So, let me put it down before you. After you rushed down the bus I realized that you forgot the bag and it was too late to reach you. So, I carried the bag with me and found few documents and the address to your home. I googled the trains departing at the time when you got off the bus and that’s how I was confirmed that you were heading home. I wrote this letter and couriered it to your address. I hope you must be happy to get back your belonging. I haven’t left any trace of my information. If I’d have mentioned my contact number, maybe you’d never read this letter till its last, and maybe you would have called me directly and thanked me a lot, and we would have exchanged few texts and it would be over. I don’t want this to happen, I want you to keep this act of kindness in your mind always and that could only happen if I kept you intrigued, so, do remember this and never hesitate to extend the hand of help to anybody in need. Bye!!


Oh! I forgot to tell you, there’s a box of sweet I’ve left for you and your family, my mom prepared it. Hope you all will like it. Bye and take care!!



   ——————————————       🙂      ———————–   🙂    ————————-


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