Time of death: 8:02 AM, declared the doctors after an hour of exhaustive efforts. She succumbed to the wounds after fighting for 19 odd hours. The doctor rubbed his hand on my back, consoled me and said, we did everything that we could, but the blood won’t stop. He asked me if anybody could do the necessary paperwork for her. I stood up and walked with him. He walked me to his cabin, and handed me some papers and asked them to read it once and get them back signed within this week.

I was booking my tickets back to home, and got the last seat on the bus, which I decided to drop, and chose the next date. I was about to make the payment but was interrupted by her call.  In the excitement of meeting her, I skipped to inform her that I postponed my journey date by a day. Next evening I got a call from her, and I was informed that she is admitted to the hospital. I tried hard to let those words be taken back and be dismissed into a slang joke, but life had decided to strike me with that harsh moment of reality. She had met with an accident and was in Intensive Care Unit. I got into the first bus that was available at that hour, traveled 13 hours and reached the hospital. I could see the doctors struggling hard to bring her back into the best shape. Out of extreme exhaustion, I collapsed. Before I completely lost my senses I could hear the people talking around me. I had gone numb, with extreme weakness, I was having a bad reception of what exactly was happening. Amidst that cacophony, I managed to hear that,  she wasn’t aware about my journey postponed by a day, and she had left for the station to receive me, sadly this unfortunate happened when she was informed that I wasn’t coming that day.

I hurriedly walked into the room and found her searching something in my bag. I asked what did she want, and she removed an A4 sized paper, which read about my latest accomplishment in the class. She seemed very happy, I gave the extra details about it, and she was gleaming with happiness. She hugged me and planted a kiss on my forehead. I rubbed my forehead and asked not to kiss that way, she mockingly agreed. She then said Beta (Son) you never told me about this.  With those words I woke up, it must have been 5-6 hours since I had passed out. I felt good now, probably I needed some peaceful sleep to overcome the exhaustion. I walked out of the ward where I was put to sleep, I could see everyone had gathered and now were staring at me with a sorry face. I confusedly walked up to my father and asked him what was wrong, and he just sobbed. The doctor finally kept his hand over my shoulder, sighed and said We could not save her. Her injuries were too deep. I am sorry.

After handing me the paperwork, he asked me to collect the cellphone and few of her belongings. That was the most difficult task. I was first handed the cell-phone, I unlocked it. It had a message that was not yet sent, and it read Beta (Son) you never told me that, …. Finally, he handed the report which read my mother’s time and date of death. I went back to the ward where she was bought after being declared dead. I could hear people referring her as a Body and not by her name. The only thing a person possess in the entire life is his/her name, even that disowns you after death. So, truly said We own nothing in this life, we come empty-handed and return empty-handed too. I stepped ahead and looked at her stiff body. She could never have given that blank expression upon seeing me, I bent forward and kissed on her forehead, and wiped her forehead. She did not respond to my kiss, and only now I could realize the pain she must be going through when I rubbed her kiss from my forehead and failed to respond to her love.





*******Serendipity: Chapter 2 unfolds on 22nd March’17*******



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