I boarded the bus on my regular time. The scorching sun had planned to take the temperature to a new height. People inside the bus had their books and handkerchief waving to get a blow of cold air. The fellow passengers were enjoying the air for free. I paid the fare and got pushed in the centre of the bus. I saw a small boy sitting with zero reaction face, staring at the front seat. I went and stood near him, he still had his gaze fixated on the front seat. I ensured if there was anything worth an interesting gaze on that seat, but it was just another fellow passenger with his child. I amused by the action of the kid, asked him, Hey Kiddo!! What’s up? He gave me that matured nod off for I am all fine, that, I just could not stop to question him more. I strangely had become interested to know more about him. Luckily on the next stop, the person seated next to him vacated the place, and I pulled in myself and offered the kid a chocolate bar. He forced a smile on his face and recited the words that were fed to him, Do not take anything from strangers. I accepted his words and kept the chocolate back in the bag. The lady sitting in front of me smiled and asked her child to practice such good habits and asked the name of the kid, and he replied Ameya.


Ameya after refusing the chocolate, gently questioned me, Hey brother, who gave you this chocolate? To resonate with his frequency I replied, My mom, gave it to me, and asked me to share it with any cute person if I happen to meet today. He smiled back and replied back, but my mom said not to accept anything given by the strangers. I wondered, how the boy could give away the thought of having a tasty chocolate being offered just because of the words of his mother. I asked him if he loves his mom very much, and he spread open his arms and gestured me how much he loves his mom. The bus came to a halt, and the driver called out Ameya’s name and asked him to board off. I held his bag and helped him get down the bus. I was heading back to my seat when the driver said, poor kid, his mom expired a couple of months back. I was shocked to hear that. The emotions inside me underwent a change. I could very well relate to the fear and pain of losing someone so close. I returned back to my seat and could understand the thoughts in that small mind. He was constantly gazing at the mother and her son and must be missing out on those dear feelings. I went back to the driver and asked about Ameya’s father. He pointed to the hoarding that was flagged on the flyover that we were crossing. It was ‘The Business Tycoon Amit Khanna’, and said that Richie rich is his father. I once again looked at the poster but this time it was not the royalness that was reflecting but a father who abandoned his child.



SERENDIPITY: Chapter 1 spinning out on 10th March’17 



3 thoughts on “SERENDIPITY: The Blurb

  1. Prabhu Bijapure 8 Mar 2017 — 2:45 PM

    Great reading could visualised the scene while reading .keep it up.

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  2. Hey
    You are fantastic


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