Sometimes loosing something is the only way to show you how important it was.

The room was completely barren except the table and a glass vase with a rose dipped inside the water. My eyes were fixed on the rose, I slowly advanced towards it, a sense of happiness was evolving inside me with my every step towards the rose, and finally I touched the petals, and I could feel the freshness in it. It had a mystic aroma, just could not get over it. I sat there and stared at its undeniable beauty. Suddenly the vase got lit on fire, and the vase started burning. The fire won’t stop, but the beautiful rose had no signs of burns or decay, it still stood there live and beautiful. Many days later, the water inside the vase started to change, it turned stagnant, the rose also started to loose its beauty. One fine day the vase cracked and the water inside it spilled out, and the rose rolled and fell off the table… I woke up with a jerk and felt the vertigo. I rushed to the washroom, and threw up. I looked into the mirror and stared back into my eyes, life seemed like a mirage. The eyes through which I saw the things, even those aren’t trustworthy. I went back to bed, and checked my cellphone, Vinay had pinged me, nah it wasn’t Vinay, Ashish had pinged me. As soon as I opened the message, the battery died. I plugged my phone on charging and waited for it to power up. My mom called me out to have breakfast. She was wearing a glasses, I complimented her for the glasses suited well on her. I started to have the breakfast but was interrupted by Mom’s statement, she said,”Chinnu, be ready by 5PM, so that we can go to the market before it gets dark. I confusedly asked, what for?? She annoyingly looked back at me, and handed me the envelope. It was an envelope sent from my office, before I opened it, she began again, 1 day left only, don’t you remember?? I had no clue of what she was saying. I quickly opened the letter, and read it. It was my promotion letter and with my new work space at Sweden. I had to leave for Sweden tomorrow. I was puzzled, and looked up and saw those 2 magnified eyes behind the spectacles staring back at me. I ducked my face back in the letter, and went numb. The date of the letter was 23rd February 2021. The yesterday that I remembered had aged 4 years, the last thing I remember was, I had went to meet Sonali and all that happened at her home, but this was back in 2017. Its been 4 years now. Tears started rolling down my eyes, and I with the broken voice called my mom, and explained her what I remembered, and how I was clueless about what happened in these 4 years. She rushed to me immediately and hugged me and repeatedly kept on saying, I will tell you everything Chinnu, don’t worry, you take rest.

4 months later @ SWEDEN

I reached home late from office. It was weekend and I was excited as Ashish was coming over to my place. He was flying from Frankfurt and it would take him 6 more hours to reach here. I opened the diary of Ashish, and started to read to pass my time. I had read it a number of times, but each time I read it, I realize how Ashish risked his life for me, and when I say risked his life, it still holds a emotional chord in my life. Pooja I know life must have been inexplicably difficult for you, but everything happens for a reason. Let me tell it your way, the way you know the story. Sonali is the most terrifying person that happened to both of us. Sonali and I were friends since our college days, and also later we got placed in the same company, things started to work of well between us, and I liked her a lot, and one fine day I went to confess her about my feelings, and saw her with Vinay, and they were kissing each other, I was shattered. I still wanted to see if she stays true to me, and yes, she did deny my proposal, the faith was restored in me, at least she did not toy me. Later she started to keep distance from me, and I respected her thoughts. One fine day she called me home to talk something very serious, but that day I expressed my feelings for you, yes, I had fallen for you. I then asked her what did she want to tell me, but she held it back, and did not confess that Vinay was molesting her, and was troubling her a lot. 4 months later I got a call from her, and she asked me to come over to her home. As I reached her home, she told everything about Vinay and your relationship and how he had molested her. There was one thing very strange about her, when I entered her house, it seemed as if she was moving somewhere out from that place, all the stuffs were covered and she was very fond of hanging her photo frames on the wall but all were removed. After having a long conversation with her, I was about to leave, when I accidentally happened to pick a photo frame, below which the date was written, From 11th September 1992 to 10th February 2017. I could not believe my eyes, and I had no guts to turn back, I fled away from there. I later got the news that Sonali had commited suicide a week ago. On 23rd February I got a call from her again, and I was terrified, but I received the message, Come to my home, Pooja is with me. 

I reached her home, and met you. I saw you holding the photograph of me and Sonali sitting in the park, and I understood something was wrong. I kept cool and acted as if everything was all right. The way you were reacting I could make it from that, she has done something terrible to you too. And a day later I understood, that Vinay and your father are no more. I felt very bad for your father, but the same day I also understood that you and Vinay were into relationship, I was shattered. I tried connecting dots in this whole plot, and then I realized, it was Sonali who had got your father Killed, because he had some plans in his mind about our marriage. So, you know it had become a vengeance act, she started take down those people who tried to near you and me. Vinay had molested her and she took him down but very cleverly she played the identity theft game on you, and made you realize that it was Ashish who was killed, and then again tried to plague your mind by changing the name identity also. She regularly started to keep in touch with you, and fine day, while you were returning home after meeting her, you met with an accident, and went into coma. Next when you came out of it, you could not remember anything after the date when you and I had met at Sonali’s place. I and your mom literally worked hard to hold you strong and made you get back to the routine, we have been together since last 4 years. You still face the challenges of the memory loss. Each time you go through this challenge you go back to the point where we both met at Sonali’s place. 

The diary used to end here and the photos of me, him and my mom in last 4 years were attached and pinned, each time he visits me, he pins that photo in this diary to keep our last meeting memory always safe. I heard the doorbell ring, I welcomed him home. I hugged him tight. I really don’t know what would I have done if I didn’t have Ashish with me. Till this date the thought of Sonali terrifies me. I did tell Ashish about this strange dream I usually get these days, about the rose flower and the vase. He asked me not to stress myself with such thoughts. This time when before he left back to Frankfurt, I saw he was writing something in the diary, and finally clicked a picture and pinned it in the diary. I read it after he left, it read, When you were in the barren room, the first thing that caught your attention was the rose, as it was attractive, but you never valued the vase, the vase faced the fire, but did not allow the water to turn hot, to protect the beauty of the rose, and now when the water inside the vase turned stale and it attacked the beauty of the rose, it sacrificed itself by breaking into pieces and setting the rose free from that stale water. So, you see here the vase was the protector, tho Rose must be thinking water is its source of life, but it were the untold thoughts of that vase that guarded the beauty of the rose…Oh yes I did fall in love with him all again..


**********THE END**********



  1. Wow. Mast likha hai Sarvesh.. Brillant. Loved the last part, where you glorify the vase. A real good job. 🙂 Autograph milega..!? 😉


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