Pleasure of a Sin!

Dil keh raha guneghar bann ja, baada chain hai inn gunaahon se aage!

(My heart is telling me to become a sinner, there is a lot of pleasure in sinning)

Indeed, there is a lot of pleasure in committing a sin!

I thought to myself, let’s go ahead and commit a sin.


How many times have we thought of committing a sin? Quite often indeed! Let alone killing your boss for making you stay back late when you had to catch up on a important date or stealing that insanely expensive dress from that store or kidnapping you teacher to escape from assignments and shitty classes. Its wonderfully easy to have a sinful thought, but to execute it is an entirely different story. To come to think of it, one my favorite dessert is sinful chocolate as well. Ah, the sinful indulgence!

So, coming back, I knew instinctively that I had to commit this one sin, just once, because obviously, baada chain hai inn gungaahon mein. I looked at him, half smiling, half mocking, challenging every bit of him to go ahead and commit a sin. My smirk said it all. He wanted to do it as well, but he couldn’t get himself to do it. My adrenal rush was at high, I wanted him to be a part of my madness. I took his hand in mine and proceeded ahead.

He stopped me mid-way. He said it’s wrong. Well, nothing can be right all the time you know I thought. You need to do the wrong to appreciate the right I told him. After another 10 minutes of convincing him, he finally agreed. Phew, that was a relief. We went ahead.


Slowly and carefully we entered making sure that we made no noise because if we got caught, the results might be fatal.

The crumble of leaves below us made us more sensitive about our moments, therefore we kept moving swiftly but steadily. Finally we reached the climax. That’s it. We were there.

We saw the huge brown gate. After a few tries, the door opened and we broke into an abandoned house with alleged scary stories. The house had clearly not been inhabited for a long time. The furniture was dusty and it had a spooky fell and had gigantic walls with webs around. Despite which, the house was breathtakingly beautiful. We went ahead and checked out the rooms, all of which were tastefully done and had photos of people smiling, perhaps the ones long dead, they seemed to smiling right at us. It did look kinda creepy to look at those photos and those smiles.

Enter a caption

We then ran towards the garden and saw a children’s play area with swings and slides and beyond which was a river. The entire house looked so picture perfect that one would think it was directly copy pasted from a movie scene. Only thing missing was a ghost who would scare the hell out of us, which never really happened.

All in all, it was a brilliant experience. Just like many stories revolving around spooky places, this one turned out to be baseless too. But I never figured out as to whom that house belonged to or why was it ever locked up in the first place. Maybe my concern was more of breaking into that house than solving the mystery. Oh, and indeed, it was a huge pleasure breaking into that “haunted” house.

My sin has left me with blissful memories and my best friend now officially considers me a retard for making him do crazy stuff like that. Well, something’s just need to be experienced and some sins should be committed including stealing chocolates from your sibling! 😉

 *I would love to listen to your sinful stories or what wonderful memories have you have of them. Do put up your stories in our comments section*

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