Your intellect may be confused, but your emotions will never lie to you

The letter had many questions in it, and it bugged my mind so much that, I could not wait till I met Sonali and get them all answered. Each time when I saw that letter, the line where she mentioned that she was going through something very bad, a very malevolent and evil thing had latched on to her, used to hit me. I wondered if she was talking about the same things that I am now going through. The distance I had already started to maintain with Vinay grew more with this letter. Before I could jump to any conclusions, I had to meet Sonali and get many things sorted up. I felt very strange that, Ashish held feelings for me, and I could never see it, staying just a door away from him. I never saw him visiting my house or anything of that sort. I really felt very sorry for him.

Finally I met Sonali, the excitement was clearly visible in each others eyes. We sat with absolute silence for 5 minutes, maybe we both had many things to exchange, and it was the silence before breaking it all loose. She finally broke the silence, and asked me to tell my part of story to why did I push Ashish? I took a deep breath and analysed my answer and begun, I did not push Ashish, you saw me on the terrace that night that’s absolutely true, but, it wasn’t me. It was Vinay who did this, and trust me, he did only to save me, which now I am quiet not sure of, but yes it was Vinay who pushed Ashish. But there are many things responsible behind that. I lately have been experiencing some really weird and strange things, such things which I can not share to anyone. I quickly narrated out my fear to her. I continued about Vinay, I met Vinay in my tuition, and we are into a relationship, a relationship in which I can’t be with him. My relationship costs me a big price. I feel I am responsible for Ashish and my father. I sighed!! She took over from there, she could not put it all together at once, it was difficult for her to have realised so many things at once. Now it was her part and she asked me to strengthen up, The things that you described that you are going through, are exactly those things that I had been going through, the fear was so evident in me that Ashish kept on asking what was wrong with me, but I was warned too, if I ever confided my fears before anyone, I would have to see my dear ones suffer in pain. Out off all the incidents, there is one incident that still bring chills when remembered. I returned back from work very late, and had asked my mom to have dinner and go to sleep as it would take me long to reach back. I headed to the kitchen and got my dinner self-served. I felt as if someone was in the room, but I was so famished that, I over-looked that fact. I had just begin to eat when I saw my mother standing near the bedroom door with her finger pointing towards the bedroom and she was weeping. I had turned white with fear, I slowly headed towards my mom, and I skipped a beat after looking at the bedroom where she had her finger pointed, I saw my mom choking, she was unable to breath, and was struggling hard to respire, I heard a whispering sound, which suddenly turned loud enough and yelled, I hope this warning is enough to keep you away from Vinay. I quickly rushed to my mom, and tried to help her, but she suddenly pushed me away. She slowly turned her trembling face towards me and with a demonic voice told to stay away from Ashish, and screamed in pain. I fainted and don’t know what happened next, but things were absolutely back to normal next morning. Till date this incident followed by many other horrible incidents remains one of the most terrifying incident. Last time when I had met Ashish before he jumped off, he was a bit upset, because he had seen you with some guy, who also had come to drop you home sometimes. He confessed his feelings for you, and trust me he truly had fallen for you. I used to find really hard to hear it out, but used to wear a smile to make him sure that I was happy for him. 

Then finally she asked me about the photograph that she had kept in the envelope, I got it out of the envelope for her, and handed it to her. She said, Pooja stay away from Vinay, looking at the photograph. I corrected her, you mean Ashish. She looked at me weirdly and said No!! this guy Vinay in the photograph. I lost my cool and irritatingly argued that the guy in photo is Ashish and not Vinay. She too got equally annoyed and firmly said that the boy in the photograph was Vinay and not Ashish. I swallowed a lump and said, the guy you are claiming to be Vinay, is no more, he is the person who jumped off the terrace. We both were gaping at each other. I was absolutely lost; I wasn’t able to distinguish anything amidst this confusion.  I quickly opened my facebook where I had searched Sonali from Ashish’s profile. The hell broke loose, Ashish profile had the profile picture of Vinay. I opened my gallery section and checked out all the photos I had clicked with Vinay, but I saw Ashish in each and every frame. Sonali grabbed me and asked me to come along with me. I in the absolute confusion walked with her, I was unable to get any clue of what was going on. She walked me to her home, and she dialled the number of Vinay from the photograph, whom I had seen jump off the terrace, and asked him to come to her house. Now it was time to wait, to see the face that walks inside the room. 15 minutes later I heard the knock on the door, and the voice asked Sonali?? and for me Ashish walked inside the room… I walked up to him and with tears in my eyes, touched his face and softly whispered Ashish…I heard a faint voice whisper back to me, Now you are free Pooja, Ashish was always meant for you, and meet your Vinay in Ashish…




 Chapter 5: The Conclusion opens on 23.02.2017


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