Faith is the strength by which a shattered world shall emerge into the light.

Life seems so scary when such things are happening around you, and you can’t open it up before anyone. Its like living every moment in fear, and not letting that fear surface up in another fear that someone else will know about it.I had shut myself up, I was standing on that edge of life from where I could see my fears, and also see my dear ones through the same eyes, and I could not risk loosing my dear ones by ignoring my fears. I had only one person before whom I could give the voice to these fears but, I had been warned to stay away from him. Living with this fear was never my choice but neither did I have the liberty to set myself free from them. The warnings given were symbolising to take away that part of my life, without whom it was meaningless to survive.

After that night, I never met Vinay in person, and I maintained the much required distance from him. With he never questioning me about it, I had understood that he too realizes the untold thoughts behind my distance. Days seemed quiet normal after we had chosen to maintain the distance, until one day when I got that message from the unknown number. BETRAYAL IS LIKE A SMALL DEATH IN THE LIFE OF TRUST, LETS MEET THE SMALL DEATH. I went numb after reading the message. I absolutely had no clue what that meant, but the message was pretty much leading me to something about Vinay. I immediately called him up to know about his whereabouts. He said he was at Koregaon Park Road and had some errands to run. I was relieved and disconnected the call. I received the message again, TRUST DIES TODAY AT  11AM ON BUND GARDEN ROAD. It was 20 minutes to 11. I took a taxi to BUND Garden, it was a shared taxi, and on the way the co-passenger worriedly asked me if everything was alright, because I looked so puzzled. I simply gave a nod to him and ignored. It was 10 minutes past 11, and I had started to feel like a joke already, I felt like an idiot for my being their due to that message. I was about to leave when I saw Vinay walking hand in hand with some girl. I immediately called up Vinay, but he simply ignored my call. The message started to make sense, and yes the trust was shaken. I once again dialled him up, he this time disconnected the call & texted back saying, ‘Will call you back in the evening, I’m busy’, I was shattered. I immediately received the message from the unknown number asking me to follow them. I chose not to follow. I replied to the message for the first time, asking, who was it,and what did it want from me? I received the message saying, TRUST IS A WEIRD THING, IT LOOSES AND WINS AT THE SAME TIME. YOU LOST THE TRUST IN VINAY BUT WON MY TRUST. 

In a depressed mood I was waiting for the bus to arrive. It started to drizzle, and it started to rain heavily and my battery was about to die. I cursed myself for not carrying the power bank. Of all the days in the month, I had to forget the power bank exactly on this day. I looked on the either sides of the road, and finally found the taxi that was staring back at me, as if it was waiting for me. I waived my hand, and it started rolling towards me. I ducked carefully and got in. The cab soon headed to the marked destination. I checked my cellphone, it said 1 message from my mom.

“Chinnu, come back soon, something terrible has happened”. I gulped down a big lump. I was staring out through the window, imagining all the bad that could happen. I had started to pant, i was absolutely panicked. I tried calling mom, but the call was disconnected. I panicked more. The driver asked me which side do we turn, I with a shaking voice asked him to take a left and pull over. I stepped out and settled the bill, and turned towards the house holding my breath. I heard the driver say, “Don’t worry, everything will be alright.” I was badly needing this statement to come true. I headed to the door, and rang the bell. It was a long eerie silence. I took out the keys and opened the door.

My heart sank in, my father had hung himself. He was butt naked, and my mom was holding a note which read I had Warned you.. I continued reading the letter, and my eyes could not believe what it read.

I am really sorry Pooja, I had to do this to ensure your safety. I know I should have told about this to you long back, but I thought to keep it to myself, but today I got a final Warning message from that number, if not, he was about to kill you.. Don’t worry you are safe now. 

My dad had killed himself for the same messages that I & Vinay used to receive. I went on to check his cellphone, and was shocked to see the photo of me peeping out of the window in his phone. There was one video that was showing unable to send to Vinay, I played that video and I went numb. I saw my dad brutally killing the cat, and slicing its chest out and carefully placing it in my room, and with the same knife he was approaching towards me, but suddenly hid himself behind the curtain, and from there he had clicked me peeping out of the window.



φ Chapter 4 reveals on 16.02.2017



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