Are you losing on yourself?

Life is tricky baby, Stay in your magic.’ I read this and instantly felt connected. Later, I have realized what it truly meant.

Have you ever been in a place where you feel disconnected to your own self or the things that made you? We all have been at such place. May it be a break-up or failure, there are times we forgot ourselves. ‘Keep Going’ was the only option and hence we ended up running endlessly…making us all weary and tired.

Life is beautiful and short. Short because it is only a matter of moments that you can be yourself. Rest, you have to be what the situation makes you. To be a fighter or a victim is certainly your choice, but the things wouldn’t be in your control. Do whatever makes you happy and more importantly do something that gives you inner peace and satisfaction…something that makes you realize that life is indeed beautiful. For example, I had one such moment when I visited Kashmir. I truly mesmerize and love the place and people there. For you it may be painting the paradise or creating your own business empire or something as simple as playing cricket. The only thing is that it should begin and end at you. It can never depend on any other person. If it does, you’re still running my friend.

So, what’s that I’m trying to say? Simple, never lose yourself in the quest of being someone you are not. We all have seen people trying to be what they’re not in the initial days of their relationship. Does it work? Not really. They just end up hurting not only others but themselves as well. Why do that? Just be yourself. You cannot change yourself or things that make you unless you have a strong determination and commitment. In the long run, the unacceptable changes just result into frustration. Change wisely.

I have a simple solution to the situation whenever you feel lost. Do things that make ‘YOU’. Write, Walk, Talk, Read, Create, Travel, Paint, Dance and basically as Mr. Khan says ‘Do whatever you want to do!’ Get yourself back for the people who love and cherish you the way you are. After all, ‘Lost is perhaps the best place to find yourself.

On this note, here’s wishing you a wonderful weekend!!


5 thoughts on “Are you losing on yourself?

  1. If a situation arise where you have to make a choice between your Love and Yourself, then what will you choose?

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    1. I guess if u really love a person, this question would never arise. If u have doubts in your partner or your relation, then only u have this question. Otherwise, there is always some way to workout things together!


  2. I don’t know i was right or wrong but I chose myself.

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  3. Well, choosing yourself is better than going with the wrong one! So, let’s believe that u were right 🙂


  4. Thank you.☺

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