Loving can cost a lot but not loving always costs more, and those who fear to love often find that want of love is an emptiness that robs the joy from life.

The events that took place previous night had left its mark somewhere deep inside me. The depth of it made me feel vulnerable and lost, I stopped sharing my thoughts to the people, and instead chose to be myself. Sometimes life makes you walk through those un-travelled roads, which you barely  must have thought of, you only have one option in such situations, FEAR, you can only fear life, you don’t know what awaits for you the next minute. I did not discuss anything about it with Vinay, but, he could sense the uneasiness inside me. He gave me my own time to open up about what was eating me. It was 2 weeks past that incident and the fear inside me was still very much live. That day after the class I could not stay back for a minute, I did not even stop to check on Vinay. I was exhausted and lost in the thought that who was the person texting me if it wasn’t Vinay, and what was his purpose to kill Ashish (my neighbour) and why did he warn to stay away from Vinay? I was trying to join the dots to relate any particular event that must have skipped my attention in these past 2 weeks, but all in vain. With many questions in mind I retired to bed. I was finding it quiet difficult to keep my eyes open, but I was struggling hard to mend the things between me and Vinay. I soon dozed off. The window pane kept on barging, I could feel the disturbance of it, but had no energy to bolt it. Soon the disturbance overtook my laziness, and I headed towards the window pane and finally bolted it. I was feeling thirsty and picked up the bottle kept on the dressing table and quickly gulped down the water. I suddenly heard the noise of knocking on the window pane, I turned back to check, the knock came in sets of 2 then a pause and again in sets of 2, but could see nothing. The knock continued..but this time the knock came from the mirror…I was shivering, I could not move an inch, I rushed my hands in my pocket and reached the mobile and turned the mobile light on. The bottle slipped from my hands but I still was holding the bottle inside the mirror, the reflection of me in the mirror replied back, ‘The warning was given to you, and now you will just have to wait, something very terrible is waiting for you and she pointed her finger towards my bed’ my mind was unable to function properly, I involuntarily turned towards bed and started to move towards my bed step by step, step by step but I stopped midway to see something to which I fainted, the last thing I saw before I passed out was myself sleeping on the bed cuddled into the blanket and staring with wide opened eyes at myself, laughing hysterically.

Hallucination was the term that doctor diagnosed me with, and told to take plenty of rest and try meditation. I finally decided to confront Vinay about the happenings. I called him to pick me up from the hospital, and we skipped our classes that day. I turned my fear inside out before him, and he could see the terror in my eyes while at the same time he judged my need of help. He held my shivering hands and asked to calm down. For the first time he seemed weak too, and I really didn’t want to bother him with my thoughts and fear. We sat there silently for minutes, and he looked back at me, and held my face in his hands and began to weep. I was broken, I calmed him down and asked what was wrong. He then showed me his cellphone and it contained the same warning message which asked him to stay away from me. He then told something that almost killed me, he said, The person who jumped off the terrace that night, actually did not jump off the terrace, but he was pushed by me. If I would not have followed the orders to push him down, he had trapped you to reach the terrace and it would have been you who would have got killed that night. Yes Vinay was there that night on the terrace. I could not speak a word but stare at him wildly, while he continued weeping. We immediately decided to stay away from each other for sometime and confront to the police about it, he agreed to the later part. We finally decided to go talk to the police the next day. I had so many things jumbling in mind that I could not digest them at all. I felt like puking. Vinay dropped me back home, I waived him back from the window and waited to see him drive away. I was so shattered, why was this all happening, all such things must have come to me only due to my bad deeds in the past, it seemed like a payback time. After the dinner I turned off the internet connection to avoid any messages, and pulled myself inside the blanket and tried to grab some sleep. Late in the night I was awaken by a foul smell in the room, it went on getting worse, I quickly walked to the window to shut it, and peeped outside to check for that foul smell, but could see nothing. I shut the window, and sprayed some freshener. My phone buzzed, it was Vinay calling me at 3 in the midnight, I worriedly received his call, and he instructed me to get out of my room immediately and he said he had sent something on whatsapp, before he could say anything the call got disconnected. I opened the message and it was an image. It was taking time to download, and it finally opened. I was horror-struck, it had the image of me peeping outside the window. He forwarded me another screenshot, in which that unknown number had texted, It’s time-out for Pooja. At the same moment I received another ping from the unknown number saying, It’s time-out for Vinay, you were warned. I dropped my cellphone out of fear, and I found the source of the foul smell lying brutally dead right before me with my leg on the mutilated chest of the cat.




#Chapter 3 opens on 11.02.2017


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