My mom was calling out for me constantly, I looked back to find nothing, but only her voice. I kept moving forward, and the cry went on growing louder,this time I did not care to look back. I could see him standing a distance apart, it was just this distance that was needed to be covered, and then it was ‘me and him’ together. I took big steps to reach him soon and put my hand forward, few more steps that’s it. To my surprise this distance never shortened, I could not reach him no matter what I did. I gave him a loud cry, and he turned back, and smiled at me, we smiled and I extended my hand forward, he held it and pulled me towards himself. His touch said it all, it made me feel complete and it felt like coming home. The next moment i was in his arms, cuddled up, and he placed a soft kiss on my forehead. There was something that kept me distracting, my elbow suddenly started aching a lot, I couldn’t resist to see what was it. I excused myself from his arms, and turned my hand to check what bothered me, and I could see some finger imprints on it. I turned back to show it to him, but he was gone. I could feel someone breathing heavily on my neck, the feeling of panic gripped me, the breath was brutal, and I could hear a loud cry…. I woke up with that loud cry in my mind. I usually never remembered any of my dreams, but this one I particularly remembered. It seemed quiet strange to me that, of so many dreams why did this remain while the others vanished. It was 4 in the morning on that Saturday, and going back to bed was a fat chance. I took a shower and retired back to bed having no plans on how to spend the weekend.

I opened my whatsapp, and found a ping from an unknown number saying Hi Pooja!! I did not bother to respond to it. But he had decided to not leave me alone, to my surprise he was up at this odd hour. I quickly checked his profile picture, and he did look smart. I was in an absolute confusion whether to reply him back or not. Finally I typed, Who is this?? and before I could press send, he pinged again, I am Vinay!! We share the same class at Agarwal coaching institute.. and before I could even type So?? he texts, So, can we be friends?? I was more than shocked, the way he went on pinging seemed as if he could read my mind very properly, after a 30 minutes of silent show from my side, I wrote F.R.I.E.N.D.S , I was smiling, and I looked up in the mirror, and tried to bring the same smile, I did seem pretty with that smile. I took a selfie wearing that smile. It suddenly occurred to me, that he still had not replied to my F.R.I.E.N.D.S text. The desperateness took over me, but i held it strong. The message from him quenched the desperateness, it said, So, you like coffee a lot I suppose.. followed by a pic from the English daily soap FRIENDS in which the team is having coffee together. It seemed crazy, but I was attracted to this guy and ended up saying yes for a coffee.


Our friendship was now 7 months old and we were so glad to have found each other. I always being on the careful side, tried not to fall for him until that day. It was a warm evening, and he came to pick me up from the shopping mall. We went to the Osho Garden. I asked him several times on the way, where were we heading to?? But he only replied after reaching the garden, Pooja, I want to spend sometime alone with you, I need to understand few things. I want to know how does it feel like to spend some time with you alone. I want to know what are your thoughts, not necessarily about us, infact about anything, I just want to know you more. Whenever with you, there is a peace in me that makes me feel so human and complete. He kept on saying a lot of thing, and it was a total havoc in my mind, I too wasn’t sure what and why was he doing all this. He took my hands in his, they were slightly sweaty, and he said you know my dream is to settle abroad, have an exquisite house, and a swanky car. To achieve all this, I work really hard, and am ready to cut anything down to achieve it. But, you know what Pooja, when I am with you, right now, holding your hand in mine, this completeness seems more real than that dream.  That’s it, how could I not fall for this guy. So, that was the day when our friendship came to an end and we entered into a new phase of relationship. Yes, we kissed, and nothing seemed more comfortable and real at that time. It was one of the best moments and I was proud to have shared it with him.

He dropped me back home and waited till I reached my room and waived him back from the window. That night dinner seemed more tastier, and my thoughts could not leave the garden and the happenings inside it. I rushed back to my room after I gobbled my dinner, and pinged him, I Love you, but the message did not deliver to him. The impatient me, called him back, but it was out of coverage area. I received a ping from an unkown number again saying Hi, its me. I replied back asking, Vinay is it you? and the reply came in after a long 5 minutes.. Yes it’s me Vinay, sorry my phone’s battery is dead. Pooja, I know its too late to ask for this, but could you please come upstairs on the terrace, I am waiting for you. And please don’t waste time in texting back why and how’s, just come to terrace soon. I looked at the clock, it was 11:30 PM.  I after making sure that everyone was asleep, peeped into the terrace, and faintly whispered his name, but in that pitch darkness I saw no one. I switched the torch on, and still found no one, i was absolutely annoyed and called him back, and I heard the mobile ringing at a distance behind me. I turned back immediately and saw someone jumping off from the top of the terrace. I turned pale white, I could not believe my eyes, I just saw someone die right before my eyes. I was terrified, but I had to make sure it was not Vinay…I could hear my heart thudding. I reached the edge and peeped down. Whoever it was, he was dead for sure, I could see him bleeding profusely. The watchman reached there and gathered the crowd, I ran down immediately and people had surrounded the body. I was badly praying it not to be Vinay, and I went a bit more closer and I could see the face, and it was not Vinay!! I sighed, and for a moment breathed easy, but I suddenly received a text from the same number which said it was Vinay and it read, THIS DEATH IS A WARNING.. BEWARE.. STAY AWAY FROM VINAY..



ψ Chapter 2 rolls out on 08.02.2017



12 thoughts on “UNTOLD THOUGHTS : Chapter 1

  1. It’s really nice and so dramatic .when I was reading this one that time all serial type episode display on my Mind .
    And i am waiting for every next episode.
    It’s really awesome…….

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