A Different Love Story

He came home with a dull face, he had no earphones plugged in and neither did his key score a goal by falling exactly into its place. The plates did not creak, and the dinner cry never begun. It all summed up to his upset mind or heart.. I sighed, and reached him and enquired about his weird mood. He looked up at me with the most helpless eyes and handed his cellphone with the whatsapp screen open to read the message, I don’t think its working between us, you have changed a lot. Plus I need to get serious in life, your carefree nature has left me in splits, how could you be that ridiculous today. I have decided it!! Its over between us. By the time I reached the end of the message, I myself was trembling, because I had never seen him this pale. He looked at me, and kept the mobile aside and disappeared into his blanket. I genuinely felt sorry for him.


I took his cellphone and texted her, Hi!!  “I don’t think its working between us, you have changed a lot. Plus I need to get serious in life, your carefree nature has put me in splits. I have decided it!! Its over between us.”

You know when I first said I LOVE YOU to you, it weren’t just 3 words, it contained, many sleepless nights, tons of complicated thoughts, every attempt to woo you, just to get that smile on your face, lots of organising myself to look good before you, learning about your likes and dislikes, learning about your family, stupidly even learning which is your favourite colour, byhearting your birthday, worrying so much for your fever, googling the best remedies for your sore throat, learning to prepare the soup that should not be very spicy, cutting my expenses to get an out of budget gift for you, because I had noticed your silent stares at that dress in the shopping mall. The list goes on… If I could go all crazy to just listen your voice, which you always denied to be beautiful, if those round eyes of yours, a bit bulgy which you said looked weird, had a depth in it which I had drowned into. You mustn’t be knowing it, but I always had my eyes on you when you look away, my total concentration on those cute small curves near your cheeks that used to come up when you smiled. These are few of many things that is between us and can never end. It can never be over between us. If I had that one last thing to tell you exactly now, than it can be nothing else than, ‘My favourite place in all world is next to you.’

Next morning I his cellphone buzzed, and he sprang with his cellphone on my bed and with a ghost in his mind said, Its her, calling!! He came back to his senses immediately and answered the call. With his face turning red and redder I could anticipate what must be going on. I asked him to plug his earphones in and opened the whatsapp message I had sent her at night, and he read it immediately and hugged me tight, and kept listening to her melodious voice. I hugged him back tight and a tear drop fell, I was sure that it was love, words in the message were my feelings that had a face of my friend who was also in love with her. Yesterday night he had given up on her, but I could not give up on her. I had to express it to her, and finally the message has been delivered to her.

He rushed to get ready after thanking me a thousand times. His cellphone buzzed again, with an emoticon of a kiss and followed by a message, I Love you and am lucky to have you in my life.



2 thoughts on “A Different Love Story

  1. Great one buddy.👍👌

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