A Tale from the Heart


I feel safe in your arms. It’s so calm. It’s like finally coming home, she said.

Write about it. Write about us, I would really love to read it, he said

What could she write about the Sun and the Moon? When the Moon betrayed the Sun every morning and at the same time, couldn’t survive without the Sun. It was a love story no one could comprehend, yet was special in its own way. Maybe some stories are beautiful untold…unfinished…

She finally decided to write about it, because love comes in various forms and her love for writing was the purest.

Even though she knew she wouldn’t be able to put as much magic as they shared into her writing, she still went ahead and wrote. This is what she managed to write:


It’s been a long journey so far, with a lot of ups and downs. I term this as a good journey, a very good one at that.
I don’t exactly know if I did ever teach you anything along the way. But I did learn a lot. I learnt to love someone to bits in-spite of the million flaws they have, to know that love isn’t something from which I should be running away (which I have done pretty much my entire life), to know that there is beauty in staying and falling and whole lot of other things.
But the best of all would be – I learnt love. I know what love is because I know you. It may not be the same with you. But it doesn’t matter.
What matter is that I had a fear deep down and that fear never had allowed me to rise beyond it and love someone, but that changed with you. I gave myself the liberty to fall for someone with whom I had no chance right from day one. Maybe that’s where the beauty lies.
Sometimes, I find myself really drained from all the emotional drama I have to go through. But maybe, in the end, it’s worth it (a lot of people tell me it isn’t worth it), but it is. It really is. I will tell you how – it makes me a stronger person, it makes me believe in beautiful things, most of all, it makes me believe in love, something I had forgotten to believe in a long time.
Makes me believe in miracles – to think that the first time I saw you I thought to myself “OMG, just look at that idiot, I am never going to talk to him” and here I am, 3 and half year later, still talking to the same idiot.
I guess everything does happen for the good. I needed you to make me believe in the good out there.
You know that it has taken me lot of courage to come to terms that I did indeed love you. 3 years to be precise. A real long time. It has only brought courage to me. It really has. No one has to ever shy away from a feeling is what I realise. One has to feel it eventually. My staying has done good to me.
The best things always come along uninvited and not asked for, just like you. There was something about that laugh of yours, I knew I wanted that in my life. I knew I wanted that idiot, that crazy human. I did have it eventually. And I am really glad I did. 🙂


I have come to realize-

There are times when we go months without talking to each other; even then, we will be fine as long the other is fine. Love sometimes is a silent hope in each other’s heart for the well being of the other.

One has to go all the way in love. There is no almost in love, no in between, no sense, no thinking. It is madness. You need to give into the madness to feel the rawness. When need be, scream at each other and also when need be learn to sit there in silence.

Silence is a gift. It speaks volumes. I love listening to him being silent on a call. That silence says what we never can. You eventually fall in love with the silence, for they mark the love which words can’t express.

“But I have just known him for a short span”, is a myth. Sometimes, a short span turns out to be too long. There is no short span when you strongly feel for a person.

Patience is a virtue you will need to master in love. You need to be patient to get to know the person and accept them for as flawed as they are.

Communication is the most important, you need to communicate a lot. Make it clear what you love, what you hate and just about everything.

You learn to stay strong and stand through a lot of things. It gives you the courage to stand for and beside each other.

Lastly, a little humour is always essential. All the non sense and craziness will eventually become the most prized memories. Cherish them. Don’t look for sense all the time. Laugh as much as you can and let the magic flow.

Love and dive deep into the ocean for you will learn to swim.


This is what she wrote, keeping the remaining for later.

Indeed, some stories are beautiful untold..unfinished..

And therefore, she finished it here..leaving a lot untold..maybe, that’s where the beauty lies. 🙂

*Happy Birthday, A*

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2 thoughts on “A Tale from the Heart

  1. This is the best story I’ve ever read. It feels like mine. Hope she also read and feel the same. Thank you for sharing.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Krithika Ruparelia 29 Jan 2017 — 1:23 AM

      Hey, maybe, everyone’s story is the same but different at the same time.
      Thanks! She will definetely read this. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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