It was raining heavily, and my battery was about to die. I cursed myself for not carrying the power bank. Of all the days in the month, I had to forget the power bank exactly on this day. I looked on the either sides of the road, and finally found the taxi that was staring back at me, as if it was waiting for me. I waived my hand, and it started rolling towards me. I ducked carefully and got in. The cab soon headed to the marked destination. I checked my cellphone, it said 1 message from my mom.

“Chinnu, come back soon, something terrible has happened”. I gulped down a big lump. I was staring out through the window, imagining all the bad that could happen. I had started to pant, i was absolutely panicked. I tried calling mom, but the call was disconnected. I panicked more. The driver asked me which side do we turn, I with a shaking voice asked him to take a left and pull over. I stepped out and settled the bill, and turned towards the house holding my breath. I heard the driver say, “Don’t worry, everything will be alright.” I was badly needing this statement to come true. I headed to the door, and rang the bell. It was a long eerie silence. I took out the keys and opened the door.

My heart sank in, my father had hung himself. He was butt naked, and my mom was holding a note which read I had Warned you..


Untold Thoughts is going to be a roller coaster ride filled with horror and drama. The story will be covered in the 4weeks of February, starting 03rd February onwards. Stay tuned!!


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