Happy and Sad – Besstie getting married!

Sometimes words can never do justice to how you feel. Happens on many occasions. When you just can’t put all our thoughts together, when you want to obsess over something, when you try to find out what and how you are feeling, but never really find out.


One such occasion is your best friend’s marriage. You are never sure about how you feel. You are undoubtedly very happy for them, but somewhere, fear, doubts creep in. You begin to feel everything won’t be the same again. Or maybe there is a fear that your best friend won’t be able to take out proper time for you. You will never be completely happy with the idea of them getting married. You don’t suddenly want to share your best friend with anyone else.


You want to only keep them with you. But at the same time, you are happy that they finally are stepping into a new phase in life. The feelings will never be only one. A plethora of thoughts will rush to your mind, always. You don’t know if you are to be happy because they are getting married or to be kind of sad as they are getting married without actually completely knowing the other person (in case of arranged marriage). Your mind constantly keeps wandering and the thoughts don’t stop. You don’t accept the fact that they will not be available for your late night gossips, endless melo-drama, constant chit chats and oh yes, they won’t be your partner in crime when it comes to hitting on some random hot person! Only eventually, you accept the fact the your friend is getting hitched, their priorities will change and you are going to left a little behind for some time. You will have to share him/ her and you can only hope that nothing much changed between you people and that the madness when you people are together, continues forever. And finally, after an avalanche of non-sense thoughts, you begin to get excited about the big day and start making crazy ideas for their marriage and go gaga shopping all around and start planning their first night and  honeymoon (shitty ones at that). 😉


Maybe we finally understand that marriage is inevitable and that friendships don’t drift apart because of marriages. It may seem hazy for a while, but will soon see the brightness of your friendships. As is said, true friendships lasts a life-time. You have got to believe in that saying.

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