The Elevator Story: Chapter 4 (Part 1)

Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.

Ritika had agreed for a heart transplant, and her heart has been donated to one of the patient. She just wanted you to know, that she is still around you somewhere…”

Those words were ringing in my ears. I began to walk all over her cabin like a crazy head. I could not bring that feelings out in words. From the canvas of negativism, I caught hold of the thread of positivism. I calmed myself down, and gave a deep thought on what to do next. I saw Aneesha staring at me, she had that happiness in her eyes too, and she patiently waited for me to come up to her once I had digested the news. I thanked her for giving out that information, and turned my back to leave. Aneesha absolutely mocked by my behaviour asked me, “don’t you want to know the details of the patient who she donated her heart to?”. I kept mum and walked away, with a smile on my face. I certainly could have exhumed out all the details about the person having the heart of my girl, but I chose not to chase behind it, but let it find its way back to me. Maybe that was a stupid move by me, but that was my decision and I was happy with it.

That decision of mine ages 7 years now, and I still am living with it happily. I kill that hope of mine daily to fetch all the details of the patient.This decision has helped me take some really tough calls in life, With every decision, I developed the strength to face the challenges attached to it. The roots of what I am today lied deep inside this part of my life. It was a busy week for me, I was badly in a need of a peaceful weekend. That Friday, I rushed to my room from work, and was in a bad shape, totally messy, waiting for the elevator to hit the ground floor. The aroma grabbed me, it was that familiar aroma and I just was not able to free myself from it. Taking in the last bit of that aroma, I lift my face up to meet a pair of beautiful eyes, staring mine. I quickly shifted my eyes from her face to the elevator, and now it was 2 pairs of eyes waiting for the elevator to open.


As we were escalating floor by floor, I was flying amidst that magical aroma. The exhaustion was left down on the ground floor and here I was refreshed. I wanted to see which house she lived on the floor just below mine. The inevitable urge to see her again made me rush down the stairs back to her floor, but both, she and her aroma has shut themselves in one among those 4 doors. I could hear faint chuckles coming straight from 1104. Putting my thoughts into action I advanced towards the door, and the door opened. I had my eyes fixated on the floor, and with a gasp I looked up to the face on the door.

I almost fainted, I could not believe my eyes. With my pounding heart I exclaimed, Ritika!!??!!

Chapter 4: Part 2 rolls out on 22nd January 2017… Stay Tuned…


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