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An acquaintance and I had gone to a temple where we were served the prasad in a small plastic packet. I ate it immediately while he kept it inside his pocket.
“You should eat it now.” I said.
“I won’t. I’ll throw it once I’m out of here.” He said.
I was shocked. “If you don’t believe in God then why are you here?”
“I do believe in God,” he said,  “But last year after I had prasad from one of the temples I suffered from food poisoning. I spent a whole fortnight in a hospital.”
“But its not the same temple, is it?” I quipped.
He nodded. We together moved out of the temple.

I was amazed how one single incidence of ‘food poisoning’ at one particular temple had made him doubt the prasad of every other temple.

– Novoneel Chakraborty

And I relaise, it is the same with relationships. One relation goes wrong and we develop trust issues and eventually don’t end trusting anybody later. We humans can be very complex at times.

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