Cartoons do teach something at times!

Anybody who knows me would know the love I have for cartoons.

Just recently, I was watching an episode of ‘Shin Chan’ and it got me thinking as to how this seemingly fun cartoons end up teaching you what really matters at the end of the day.


So it starts with Shin Chan’s mother (Mitsy) knitting something and her husband (Hiro) asks her if is it not over yet, to which she says it will take some more time, you sleep. A worried Hiro sighs and goes to sleep concerned about his wife, thinking that she has been doing this for few days now and she is losing out on her sleep.

The next morning, there is a event shown at Shin Chan’s school where all mothers come and showcase the article they have knitted and have to market and sell those items. All the mothers gathered display beautiful items except Mitsy, she is shown to only having knitted a plain green scarf after repeated failed attempts to knit a pair of gloves. All women start chuckling seeing her simple scarf, Misty obviously is seen dull due to this. One by one all the women have sold out their items on display except Misty’s scarf, she finally gives up the hope of it being sold. She excuses herself to use the washroom and when is she back the women are all smiling at her and inform that her scarf is sold. A surprised Mitsy asks who bought the scarf but they refuse to disclose who bought it.

Later, in the evening, Hiro is seen walking on the street with his bag and a green colour cloth is seen hanging from it. Shin Chan notices it and realizes that his dad was the one who bought the scarf knitted by his mother. He thinks to himself – dad is very good, dad bought the scarf, he cares for mom very much. It ends with Hiro walking with the scarf and a child feeling proud of his father’s silent actions.

To me, it showed the purest form of love – the love of a husband for his wife, the proud moment of a child for his father and the sense of satisfaction for a mother to have taken efforts to participate in her son’s school event.

It showed that simple gestures could speak volumes and that an attempt, no matter how small needs to be recognised. It portrayed a that even a simple scarf knitted by his wife was important to a husband and he didn’t want her wife to feel low knowing that no one bought her item on the display. It made me realise, love exists in such small acts and not flowers and fancy restaurants. It means being there for your partner and doing what little you can to make them feel better about them. Love is silent, not flashy and not to shown out to the world with cute pictures and cheesy captions. It is a deep understanding of two individuals and accepting the flaws and not so perfect qualities of another and loving them despite all of it. And most importantly, in the end, it is important to set an example for your kids and to teach them to be kind and empathetic through your actions and not just words. Lastly, make your kid proud of you. Let him say – “my daddy strongest/ bestest” with as much pride as he can and ensure that the pride doesn’t fade through the years.

I guess we all need to get back to basics and fall in love with innocent cartoons all over again!



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