The Elevator Story (Chapter 3)

Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.

60 mins before she must have been breathing the same air that I was breathing. It was a debacle. I couldn’t believe the fact that, Ritika is no more. I saw the medical report that read in bold letters “Brain Dead”. The Doctor walked me to his cabin and asked me to have a glass of water and explained the reason of her death. I hardly was able to pay any attention to his words. I did sign few certificates, and collected their duplicate copies with me. I was heading towards the elevator, and patiently waiting for the elevator. I turned back to see the door from which she couldn’t make it. It seemed to me as a dungeon of death. The elevator welcomed me in, and the doors shut behind me, seemed as a chapter came to an end in my life…forever…Aneesha was already in the lift, she was in the team of the doctors who were operating my Ritika. She held me emotionally and walked till the exit and reminded me to come tomorrow to collect the belongings of Ritika. I could sense through her words and face that she was holding something. Something about Ritika.

I reached back home, and settled on my bed, and checked my cellphone. There was one notification on my facebook messenger. I ignored it, and went back to sleep. My eyes were hurting, maybe because they won’t ever see Ritika now. I knew my mind was tired and it was all emotionally thinking. The whole hospital scene re-started in my mind. The notification sound waked me up, it was again the messenger now with 2 notifications. I quickly opened it, it was Aneesha Banarjee pinging me.

Hi Abhimanyu, I know how it feels to loose someone so close. Words may not suffice to express the heartfelt sorrow that I feel for the passing of Ritika. Please accept my condolences. I also know this is not the right time to talk to you, but I wanted to tell you something about Ritika. This can’t happen on message or call, we will have to meet in person. Do let me know when can we meet. We will meet at the hospital. Bye and take care Abhi!!”

The exact thing which i was sure about, she was certainly holding something. I immediately replied, tomorrow 10 am @ hospital. I just could not wait for the dawn. I was walking impatiently in the visitor area waiting for Aneesha to reach. She reached on time and we quickly walked to her cabin. She began with, How are you and the usual stuffs. I requested her to please break it before me. The next 5 minutes the words that came out of her mouth were the words dedicated by Ritika to me.

Abhi I love you very much, and maybe won’t be able to live much to love you more. But I want you to know one thing for life time, that you always were important for me, I never settled to live in present and always tried to decor the future, and maybe the future is not in my fate, so never ever in life try to ignore the present and the people who are with you and care enough for you. You will know very soon, who cares for you and how important they are in life. Rest its upon these doctors, and i wont think about it as its a part of future. I just am living in the present, and it pains not for the accident but for the times that I didn’t spend wit you. I just want you to know I love you so much. If i walk out alive we surely will have the Ethiopian coffee in a single mug. Love you!!”

Aneesha ended with the words, and took a long pause until I settled down. I with my wet eyes looked up at Aneesha’s face. She didn’t seem like she was finished. I took a moment and collected my senses to reach back to her and she said it finally!!

Ritika had agreed for a heart transplant, and her heart has been donated to one of the patient. She just wanted you to know, that she is still around you somewhere…


#Chapter 4 : The Conclusion unfolds on 16th Jan’17   



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