Because the journey equally matters!!

Often enough, we forget to witness the beauty in going for our destination, don’t we? The journey is always meant for the destination. But my friend, wouldn’t you agree that the destination is incomplete without the journey. For instance, it is only after walking in heat that we have realised the value of shade. To quote another example, it’s the whole month’s working (approximately 624 hours if one works 8 hours a day – excluding Sundays & overtime!) that we realise how precious our salary is. This may be the reason why we could spend our father’s money  so easily :p

Everyday & everything has beauty…you just need to look around. For instance, on way to my workplace, I get to see the sunrise in the morning with the awakening markets, the school going children and birds chirping in the free sky. While returning either I get the privilege to the watch the sunset or the silent nights on the highway along with the screamy evening market scenes. My workplace is a bit away from the city and to be precise on a highway. Frankly, there are things that are not so pleasant as well. But well, they are meant to be ignored na?! There are also times, when while going I start to list down the tasks I need to do in the day & while returning back home I carry back work and the day totally weights me out. Lately, I have come to know that there is no company like the sun or moon.

My friend, once commented “You  go through a highway.” “So?” I retorted. “You can afford all this. We neither have the time nor can we find beauty in the traffic” he said. A couple of days later, we happened to travel together and got stuck in traffic. He happened to remember this conversation and challenged me to show him the beauty in the journey. I pointed out of window, where there were two kids sleeping peacefully in their mother’s lap. Their Mom was also sleeping; perhaps they had a long day. The father of the children was capturing this beautiful moment. And I ended up winning a smile and the challenge without even uttering a word!

So, the message is simple. Do not forget the journey in search of your destination. For destination always changes and the journey will go ahead without repeating itself. The grades are good but its the other school memories that we cherish & hold close to our heart!

Let’s give it  a thought.

On this note, wish you a happy journey 😉



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