The Elevator Story (Chapter 2)

I had honked 4 times in last 5 mins, and the situation was turning embarrassing. I checked my cellphone and I had 2 missed calls from Ritika. I dialled her up and asked how much more time is it going to take, and I got the standard “Just 2 mins hon” reply. After another 15 long minutes she appeared. The aroma she was carrying reached me before her. This was her signature aroma, and it distinctly every single time pulled me into some weird conscious zone. We drove to our regular coffee shop, and ordered the regular Ethiopian Coffee. We had met to discuss something important today. We needed to clear the confusion, which kept bothering us and it already was a high time to put an end to these annoying issues. The maturely approach to any problem leads to peaceful solutions, with that approach we proceeded to discuss the “things”. 60 mins after the discussion we saw the glimpse of the silver lining. We had made peace with the problems and put the broken story behind.

The feeble buzzing sound kept annoying me, I could see Ritika through the see through glass, she was yelling something at the top of her voice and I could hear nothing, there was a vacuum, and the sight was fading bit by bit, and I could sense that I was loosing her. The glass which partitioned me and her seemed stronger than the bond we shared. The strange part was, she could see clearly I was trying hard to break the glass, but she seemed least bothered. The buzzing sound still continued and I had no other choice than reaching out the source of the sound. It was Ritika calling, i holding on to my senses answered the call. There was someone else on the other side calling from her cell, and was inquiring about Ritika. I came back to my absolute senses, the hell broke loose, Ritika had met with an accident and she was being shift to the emergency ward. Next moment i was on the way to the hospital. My mind was clouded with all the negative thoughts that could exist related to the accident. First that weird dream that usually kept occurring to me, and now this news of her accident, my head was pounding with questions, which i knew were un-answerable. I reached the ward where she was lying unconscious (i was hoping).

I asked the nurse, whether I could go in, and she replied with a questioning nod. I did not inquire about her health, because she let me in and it made me feel confident. I stepped in with a heavy heart, and her usual aroma reached me first . I took in every bit of it, and finally reached the bed where she lied with a peaceful face, eyes shut, and her forehead was covered with a crimson colour bandage and the left corner of the left eye had few bruises. She looked bad, it was difficult for me to imagine the pain she must have gone through. I took her calm hands in mine and caressed her soft fingers, she didn’t move a bit. I wiped the dust off her palm, and rubbed it between my palms. The aroma was playing with my mind and the electronic beep kept assuring me every second that, she is still with me. The doctor barged in the room and asked me to stay away, I immediately withdrew my hands, and her hand slid through mine and the ventilator beeped faster than before. The team of doctors appeared in with their surgical dresses and one of them ushered me out. She was immediately shifted to the ICU, and the door shut right on my face. She was gone but her aroma stayed. I sniffed hard and closed my eyes. I lost my balance and sat on the floor. I was helped to sit on the metallic chair, she asked me what happened & I cried my heart out before her. I had read her name on the scrubs, after i was done with my sobbing and she patiently hearing, I thanked Aneesha. She left me only after i was reassured and seemed confident. I constantly gazed at the door hoping for it to open and weirdly I still smelled that aroma in the air. The door finally opened after the long wait.. I tried hard to read the face of the doctor heading towards me. He now stood right before me, and sighed, the silence kept killing me. He finally announced her time of death…



#Chapter Three comes on 11th Jan’17…


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