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  • The heart leads, but the mind misleads.
  • Peace is an illusion created either by ignorance or acceptance.
  • Everyday is a fight between what we are holding onto and what we are letting go of. What we let go of changes us, what we hold on to alters us. Changes are irreversible. Alterations aren’t.– Forget me not, Stranger – Novoneel Chakrabory


Viewer’s quote – As posted by someone in the comments section on the previous Saturday’s post:

  • Sometimes the memories of someone is better than the reality of them.

Steve Maraboli




Quote of the day is a section where we will put up quotes from a particular book on every Saturday. *Feel free to put up your favorite quote in the comments column and we will add it on our blog* 

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3 thoughts on “Quote of the day

  1. I Already Know What Giving Up Feels Like.
    I Want To See What Happens If I Don’t.

    – Neila Rey

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    1. Krithika Ruparelia 12 Jan 2017 — 11:57 AM

      This will be put up this Saturday.
      Stay tuned. 🙂


      1. My pleasure 🙂


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