Go see the Sunlight

If you are always in the vicinity of your four walls, surmounted by the huge dark walls, you will never know the light outside.


Nobody is ever going to be brave enough to break to it, apart from you yourself. Break the wall before it breaks you down.



We are often scared to step out of our comfort zone and accept the harsh truth. Yes, there are going to be a few heart breaks along the way, few friendships will fail the test of time, your job will no longer motivate you, you won’t be losing the extra kilos you promised you would lose, so on and so forth.You think you are turning into a failure when you see yourself not achieving your goals or when you see others doing way better than you.


But you know what? You aren’t a failure. You are a lot more than that. You shouldn’t be letting those things get to you and push you further into darkness. Just go out there and breathe. We are better than our doubts, we always have been. We are just too negative and cynical about ourselves. You can achieve everything my dear, just believe in yourself a little bit more than you did yesterday. Be your own superhero and save yourself from the doom you are imposing on yourself. Look around and be brave, let out the negativity and try and focus on the better things in life and you will eventually figure out that there is so much out there which you can do and achieve and that life truly beautiful. Finally, you will end up proving to yourself that you are capable of exceeding your doubts. And that is exactly when you will break the walls and see the light outside. Be brave enough to be able to do it!


Go see the light, go break the barriers, and don’t let your demons ever bring you down!

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