The Elevator Story (Chapter 1)


After having a busy day at work, being pretty exhausted I reached my apartment’s elevator, pressed the button and waited impatiently for the elevator to descend from the 10th Floor to the Ground Floor. The LED displayed 4th Floor with a downward arrow, and I could smell a Flowerbomb (perfume), and my god she had a deceiving odour. My eyes turned up to meet the spectacles behind which hid a pair of beautiful eyes. A very fair complexioned face with the world’s tiniest smile welcomed me with a tiniest nod. Now the ball of confusion was in my court. I tried to look immaculate and also mimicked her smile and nod, only to see the never ending elevator open right on my exhausted face. The watchman would have suggested me to have a shower, that was my state.

I quickly ushered her to the elevator and stood behind her, impatiently waiting for her finger to press the button. She lived just a floor below mine, the butterfly ride had begun, and I was already the master chef of the dreams cooking in my mind. She turned back and hinted me with her eyes shifting towards the button. I pressed 12th Floor. She giggled, I stared back at her with an astonished face, and realised I had pressed Ground Floor. SIGH!! I quickly pressed 12 with a beetroot red face, and stood back. Long breathes led the fragrance to my heart and the magic kept on happening as we went on ascending floor by floor. She was adjusting her glass frame, and I could see her fingers, extremely fair, soft and small, her finger nails absolutely manicured. My throat was totally dry, and i just did not want to miss a single second before she stepped out. 11th Floor was the announcement made by the electronic female voice, and she was ready to step out of the elevator. I just wanted to see which door on that floor she knocks. It was a panic time for me, I was badly hoping for the elevator doors to meet each other slowly, and cursing the automatic non-see through closing doors of the elevator. Elevator played its game, and all I could hear was a HI!!


I reached my floor and took the stairs to reach her floor, but damn!! she had gone!! I wanted to sniff the perfume and trace the way back to her, but, even that was gone!! I could hear light giggles coming straight from 1104, with my pounding heart I tuned towards the door, and, the door opened. I skipped few beats. I had turned pale white. The enchanted me, met with a terrible accident…….

#Chapter Two comes on 07 Jan’17…


3 thoughts on “The Elevator Story (Chapter 1)

  1. Prabhu Bijapure 20 Jan 2017 — 10:40 AM

    Excellent writing keep going.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much, out of any comments, yours would weight the most for me, thank you for being with me.. take care!!


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