Make your dreams a reality


We have got so confined to thinking and dreaming small.
When we were young, we thought to ourselves that we will go the moon or space – become a astronaut. As a child I am sure everyone would have thought about it at least once. At that age, we took the liberty to believe that everything was possible.
Now when we are all grown up, when we know that we can achieve absolutely anything which we put our minds into, we think that we are never actually going to go to space. We have limited our thought process and shrunken our horizons. We are afraid of dreaming big.
We no longer dream of space, instead dream of a job with a cabin siting behind a table.
The infinite galaxies confined to small desk, that is exactly how much our thoughts have been reduced to.


Therefore, me must at least now go ahead and do what we always wanted to do. Become a painter, a dancer, a singer, a comedian or anything – become a dreamer once again and take steps to make that dream come alive. Work towards your passion and open up to the infinite galaxies for the cubicle is too small a place to spread one’s wings. Fly your way to glory! 🙂


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