Let that Balloon fly

Every sun rise has a dawn, every dawn also has a sunrise.
Have you ever held a bunch of balloons and when you are trying to get hold of or grab one balloon, and then one nano-second you lose your grip on it and all the balloons vanish in air. Just one second and it is lost. You just stand there, looking and hoping for the balloons to come back. But, that’s just that! The balloons are gone, never to come back.
Same is with life, one moment you think you have everything and in the next second, you have completely lost everything or even vice versa at times. There will always be days when you feel all your balloons are gone, they just flew away. But, it is to be remembered that there is always another bunch of balloons available elsewhere.

One bunch of colors leave your life and it might seem dark for a while. But, of course there will always be another colourful set of balloons somewhere, to fill your life back with colours once again. Maybe this set of balloons was never yours. Just let go of it. Let the balloons fly high. Watch it fly and let its beauty enchant you. Letting go is one of the best things to learn. Learn to let go and learn to accept the beauty of every other balloon’s colour in your life. Let’s not try to tie down our balloons just because of the fear of it flying away. Because, well, every dawn has a sunrise!


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