Girl Diaries – Stop the female chauvinism!!

As species of XX chromosomes, we come across so many people with the outburst of feminism. A lot is being done about equality for women and eradicating gender discrimination, which is pretty good.

But on the flip side, how many of us have also seen a man who is visibly very tired and needs a seat but doesn’t get one because a women in her mid 20’s is sitting on a seat and the man can’t ask her for the seat because he will be tagged a “chauvinist” if he does so. Also, if a man doesn’t give up his seat for a lady he will be met with rude comments and will be shunned. We have also seen men getting shammed for adoring pink color. Nobody ever talks about a man being exploited, because obviously, he doesn’t get exploited, isn’t it? Men are not sexually harassed, not raped, not ill-treated, nobody is a victim of domestic violence and no form of injustice is ever faced by men, right? We live in an equal society where men face no troubles, only women do. *Sarcasm intended*


The increasing outburst of feminism is alarming, almost threatening. Women go around demanding so much of “equality” that it has tuned into undue privilege. I don’t see any coaches/ seats reserved for men in any train/ metro/ bus. I don’t see a woman taking charge and paying the bill, I don’t see a man confessing that he was sexually abused, I don’t see any videos going viral such as ‘my choice’ with a male character in it.

For once, let’s shift the focus from us and also look at the trauma faced by men. I know there is increasing awareness these days about it, but it isn’t out in the open. We in fact don’t even have laws that protect men. If we want our man to cook a meal for us after marriage, because of ‘equality’, since you are a modern age independent working woman, are we ready to pay alimony in case of divorces because of the same reason? You earn enough right, why not pay something to the man for his needs as well? That is exactly where the concept of feminism goes hugely wrong. We want all privileges but don’t take up any responsibility. We want men to cook, take care of children, provide for us financially and not judge us for drinking or smoking or working nights, in turn we are free to judge them for their choice of baby pink t-shirt. We judge them for taking too long to get dressed, because obviously men need to get dressed in a few seconds and if he chooses to take a few minutes he is met with “you are getting ready like a girl”. I don’t know what crime is it for the man to take a while to get ready? Don’t we take a few minutes as well? What harm in granting men that liberty as well? What a screwed concept are we preaching!?

We have women cells and meetings in offices, reservations everywhere for women; where is it for the men? Where are the laws in my country to protect men from harassment? Where is equality when women don’t pay the bills for a man?

No doubt that the women earlier were suppressed and were not given opportunities, which isn’t the scenario today. Today modern age girls are out there in every field of life, maybe the villages and sub-urban areas don’t have a similar scene, but that doesn’t mean we go on claiming everything out there only for our benefit. We need to empathize with men also because lets accept it, men also face a lot of traumas but there aren’t enough forums where men can speak openly about it. We have all at least through social media heard about men getting raped or abused or being beaten up by the police because of a false complaint by a wife and just what not! Just search for the domestic violence or rape cases against men and you will find out interesting statistics and the numbers are huge. Figure out for yourself if our men need any sort of protection or not!

We are increasingly headed to glory with a dangerous sword. We need to make wise use of it. I know women still need equality in many areas but it shouldn’t be at the cost of putting a man down. We need to realise that if a woman needs a seat in the metro, so does the man after a tiring day at work. Maybe we are becoming female chauvinists – we are claiming so much that we aren’t realizing that men need the same too.

Let’s be sensible in our approach and understand that we cannot take undue advantage over men. Beti baacho abhiyan (save the girl child scheme) is already in place, but I think we need to save our boys as well. Let’s give them an equal opportunity. Give the seat to a man in need, don’t judge a man for not being able to lift a heavy object; they can be weak as well, let him choose pink over brown, support him if he says he was abused as a child and let him cry over something. Let’s hope our judiciary brings in laws for the protection and safety of men as well, because that is the day I will live in an equal society.

And to all the men out here, just know that you guys are amazing! We know you have to go through a lot of hassle so that we women stay comfortable. You people are valued. 🙂

P.S. I chose to write about men in the Girl Diaries column because as women, we are the ones that need to bring in this change. I want women on the whole to realize the gravity of the undergoing situation of feminism and the increasing misuse of the term for gaining undue advantage of the entire bandwagon.

* Your views on the above are welcomed. Put in your thoughts in the comments section below. Also I would love it if you could share your experience(s) about men being shammed or harassed or abused or any incident where men were unduly put down, so that our readers get a real life idea on the existing situation of men.


9 thoughts on “Girl Diaries – Stop the female chauvinism!!

  1. Great thought. I think nobody has thought from this perspective. Definitely we men also get harassed but do not share it. We also love pink, we also cry in alone, we also take time to get ready. But most of all we respect a women and also expect the same from them. I hope your thought change the perspective of others also. Thank you and all the best. Keep it up👍

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    1. I completely agree. Men deserve equal respect too! Indeed, lets hope that the mind set of people change.
      Thanks. 🙂


    1. Hey, thank you!
      Yes, I completely agree with you, we need to stop the bias. Let’s hope for a better future for both men and women. 🙂


  2. I read recently about child brides and how that destroys the lives of the girls, who are often given to older men. But then I thought, what about the boys whose sisters and friends are being given away? Suddenly there are no females their age available. Any opportunity for a normal relationship is gone.


    1. Yes. Totally Jersema. Every coin has two sides. Sadly, we have been looking at only one side for a while.
      I love your thought process. What happens to the boys.!? Nobody knows what happens to them, because they can’t even talk about it. “Men shouldn’t cry or be emotional” logic comes in the way. So many men face lot of emotional turmoil because of the fact that they can’t express themselves. We need to look at the other side of the coin also.
      Thanks for the comment. Made me think from that pespective as well. 🙂
      Brillant thought!

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