Make that decision!


My boss once told me “take a decision and stick by it. Later whatever happens, we will face it together. But you are so hesitant to take a call. It should either be a yes or no, I won’t take maybe for an answer. That is what you need to do in every aspect of life, first make a decision. Don’t be confused about making it; never be in the maybe zone.”

That is when I realized what makes leaders different from team members; their ability to make a decision and stick by it.

I realized, we are only more afraid of making a decision than implementing it. We want to make the best decision possible, thereby, delaying the decision altogether. We don’t realize that the decision has to be made and then, made best. You can’t take the “best decision” at all. The emphasis should be on making any decision, either right or wrong and then facing the consequences without any fear. For example, you want to call that guy/girl but are afraid of what that person might end up telling so you postpone calling that person and eventually as days pass by, you end up not calling itself. We end up putting ourselves in the ‘maybe zone’. Maybe I should call/ maybe I shouldn’t. We are so confused with making the call that the decision takes so much time. Just a simple call takes so much effort and planning; imagine the confusion about other things – right from job, career, marriage to food, ice cream and even deciding clothes to wear, the mundane life itself has many ‘maybe zones’.


One should therefore take conscious efforts and choose to make a decision and stick by it. Make that call, quit that job, go on the trip, eat that food and wear that dress and don’t worry about the outcome, just go with it. Don’t delay the decision on the whole just for the outcome. Ponder over something only for a while and then make it happen; good or bad, just stand by it and it will do wonders.

Slowly, you will realize that your thinking process will be clear and sorted, you will know what you want and will be able to prioritize things accordingly. The time saved in unnecessary delay in decision making will be channelized into useful/ productive things. It will eventually help you understand what matter the most to you and you will end up learning a quite a bit from the wrong decisions. Just be prepared enough to face the worst, it makes you mentally strong.

We should all unleash the leader in us and make a path for us, for we need not waste unwanted time at the ‘maybe zone’. Let’s move to the surety zone with confidence and make the decision work in our favor.

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2 thoughts on “Make that decision!

  1. True…..well said or wrote 😊


    1. Krithika Ruparelia 4 Jan 2017 — 12:13 PM



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